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5 interview often ask problem and optimal answer
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Problem 1: Why do you want to leave current job?

A. Other colleague thinks I am a favourite by sb in power before the boss, elbow out me everywhere so.

B. The result that moves firewood makes me very disappointed, do not give direct ratio completely with mine.

C. The boss does not wish accredit, the job suffers everywhere be restricted, it is very foot, difficult to bind a hand work.

D. Condition of company battalion movement not beautiful, in a state of anxiety of big family heart.

Solve: The human affairs officer that exceeds an in part chooses C, it is D next. Choose the answer of C, the intentional heart of the person that can show be recruited, capability is strong, and the hope is gifted more duty. Choose D, it is the objective and explicit element that cannot change because of the individual formerly because of leaving one's post, accordingly, interviewer also won't be behaved to the individual's ability or job, have too much leave a matter for future consideration.

Problem 2: How many do you have to our company knowledge?

A. You are in last year, be as long as the time of 8 months, reside the throne of a king high.

B. The person that you are chosen 3 years to be “ to apply for a job by XX magazine continuously thinks the first of entered enterprise ” most.

C. Not be very clear, whether ask you to make some of introduction.

D. You change strategy of purpose, the OEM that strengthens as big as abroad plant cooperates, the share that has a brand oneself passes through abroad agency.

Solve: Be in the majority with D. The truth is very simple, their hope to apply for a job person the job that applies for to place has real knowledge, is to be attracted not just.

Problem 3: When you apply for a job, the mainest consideration factor why?

A. The distant view of the company reachs product competition ability.

B. The attention that the company plans to employee career reachs the management that human nature turns.

C. Whether can working property let me develop a strong point, grow ceaselessly.

D. Just remuneration reachs administrative style of the director.

Solve: Be in the majority with C, because the company wants to apply for a job expression the good, person that can have contribution truly, and rather than is dinkum Mu Ming, seek profit and comer.

Problem 4: Why should we admit you?

A. Because I am more outstanding than others to the best of my belief.

B. Because I have very intense purpose heart, want to grow jointly with you.

C. The job that you can go by me behaves the objective data that presents, apparent ground sees me hammer and tongs working manner.

D. I am in this industry is cultivated already 8 years, rich person arteries and veins is my biggest capital fund.

Solve: The answer with this good subject is C. What how you let the other side see you is good? Chan Ping eloquence, it is very difficult of be convinced of your the other side, accordingly, from inside content of personal details watch or the answer content before, if can make gain with objective number, specific project, will assist a specification, it is optimal answer.
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