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Interview is just as missay of a game a word my lose the first bureau
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Big in 4 this half an year that apply for a job, I had attended a lot of invite applications for a job to meet, had sent incomputable resume, also had had the opportunity of many interview. Although at present I already signed an agreement with a good business, but however because of that I most the interview that take a fancy to fails and the regret stays in the heart.

I learn accounting major, achievement is outstanding, or school is strong and handsome hold a line get hold, annual it is school the personal details list that these experience of 3 exceedingly …… let me appears than other classmate have weight more. Accordingly, when just beginning to apply for a job, my self-confidence seeks a monthly pay 2000 yuan job should be unchallenged.

Once devote into,can be in the obtain employment spring tide of billow, I realize instantly, oneself idea is too innocent. The outstanding undergraduate of university of so much famous brand and even graduate student are grabbed for a small position broke a head, my school brand so not hard, what and family competition to take? Self-confidence begins to turn into perturbed, in contradiction and uneasiness I received the interview announcement of a well-known high pay company.

This lets me already glad nervous, because of me never the experience of interview. I am in the library bubble several night, gnaw " interview is relaxed pass a barrier " , " interview jewel " the book of and so on, look dazedly the head goes up, have one's mind stuffed with is question of this create difficulties for sb that how answers official of be in charge of an examination, him feeling resembles the lamb that has pity on only, hiding desperately the hunter's decoy.

One day that of true interview comes eventually. The ability after I walk into examination room detects, with me together of interview other 5 people are a schoolboy. Examination room is a very little assembly room, one Zhang Yuan desk is among. Take an examination of an official to sit in round-table at the same time, we a few people sit in additional at the same time. “ is not bad, not be ‘ ’ of 3 joint hearing. ” I rejoice unceasingly. The heart thinks, atmosphere still should consider such examination room harmonious.

The clerk takes 6 cups of water, other a few schoolboys take the water cup before oneself to begin to drink directly. I one think better of, incorrect, a few take an examination of an official to still be drunk without water, how are we OK first? Then very polite ground hands the cup one the closest from me takes an examination of an official.

“ or girl are careful. ” takes a of the inter to take an examination of an official to say, additional a few schoolboys that drinking water immediately disconcerted lived, look at each other in speechless despair. I am dark dark contented, do not forget to show condescending smile to taking an examination of officials.

A few took an examination of an official to introduce the particular case of company operation respect, also talk about our major and the idea to the company. Because a moment ago “ drinks water incident ” , additionally a few man students are more reserved, instead is I am mixed take an examination of officials Tan Xiao freelies. At this moment, the official of be in charge of an examination that takes in midpoint asked me suddenly a question that expect is less than: “ writes a meeting to dance on your resume, can you jump which kinds of dance? ” I immediately muddled. In one's childhood I had learned a bit dance really, had not undertaken dancing trains again later. If tell the truth, much lose face. Then I pull a lie to say to be able to jump Xinjiang dance, after saying, feel the face is a little calorific. Who knows to take an examination of an official to ask I place a pose to look casually. I am extremely disconcerted, cap-a-pie not know what to do, be forced to stand up place turned a circle.
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