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Interview self introduction a minute
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A paragraph of short self introduction, it is to open more in-depth interview actually and set.

Self introduction of a minute, like commodity ad, be in short inside 60 seconds, be aimed at " client " need, oneself best one side, be without reservation expression to come out, not only should make what the other side leaves profundity imprint picture, cause immediately even case " desire to buy " .

Ego understanding thinks one arrow is medium, must know you can bring a company what profit above all. Of course cannot eat dishes without rice or wine tells colloquialism, must the fact tries to prove.

The idealest namely can " reveal " the achievement in the past. For example you ever were before the company designs a webpage, get overpraise or praise. But of course, these example must with the business property of the company is concerned now.

Position heals tall, it is important that ego understanding heals, should the gain and loss of success or failure the individual, all record in the diary. Such, with respect to the weak point that always can understand oneself and strong point.

It is very clear to cast its place after oneself strong point, can begin the content of preliminary self introduction: Include working mode, advantage, mastery of a skill or technique, setting of outstanding achievement, professional knowledge, learning.

Advantage is numerous, but only a minute short, what so everything still concerns with this company is good. If be company of software of a computer, should say the topic of some of computer software: So company of finance affairs of a finance, can say the thing of money with him, it is good that anyhow casts its place.

But a bit must write down closely: The point that topic place reachs. Must highlight the contribution that oneself make to this company, if raise cost of turnover, bring down, disentomb new market.

The order of content of order of put in order also extremely important, whether can grip audience's attention, depend on incident completely weave means. So the platoon is in first, should be the issue that you consider to he remembers most. And these things, it is you are the most complacent commonly make. Meanwhile, can show on a few concerned work or record to increase imprint like cent.

Body language no matter content how essence of life collects unsurpassed, be like those who do not have beauty to pack, still won't do. It is so among self introduction, must advertent oneself in every respect expression, especially sound ray. Avoid by all means introduces him with reciting the snout that recite. Best beforehand looks for some of friend to make exercise target, make as far as possible sound ray listens come fluent nature, be full of self-confidence.

Body language also is important one link, especially eyes contact. This not only those who make audience is absorption, also can behave self-confidence.

Ever a report points out, daily communication, be not language sex occupied 70% . So, if think interview is successful, answer to write down the body language that notices you closely.
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