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Of a youngster apply for a result: Move with sincere desire boss
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Learn advertising after falling south my college graduate, pass friend introduction, knew the Li Zong of firm of the ad austral the day. Li Zong says, actually the company does not lack a person at present, can give a youth the chance nevertheless, if I can help 50 thousand yuan business inside 3 months, recruit me, divide inside probation outside offerring poor travelling expenses and traveling allowance, other all charge provide for oneself.

Think in my heart: 3 months 50 thousand yuan, say by conscience, an eligible advertisement clerk is to should be like this portfolio, promised to come down. The difficulty that but I do not have expect to advertise,the clerk can compare me to estimate so is even difficult, great majority circumstance

It is the company manager that I press a root not to see to clappers having right, can chat ceaselessly with ” of “ periphery personnel only south the actual strength of ad firm exceeds Zhuo He originality is distinctive. And some of ” of “ periphery personnel says the advertisement of our company has finished this year without preamble, ask next year early, some has the ” of commune of a “ that listened to me patiently a bit, I take out originality plan to attend than draft. Wear soon ran nearly 2 months do not take one only business however.

The 3rd month began, I clear away confidence, go into battle of new a suit of armour, find to build before long big public house. The person of the hotel says they are to the plan advertises, but the meaning ability that should visit general manager makes a decision, and general manager is real too busy, want to find him to need to just go patiently. I waited for additional monarch of the decision after 3 morning to path outside general manager office. I write a letter to general manager everyday next, to general manager tirelessly path comes to me be designed to the overall CI of the hotel like patient like lover, and attach originality plan, but general manager did not write back to also did not give me wire back word to me all the time. I decide then again the ” such as “ goes down, always should give a view ability kind stop be willing to give up. I ask about the car brand of general manager car, defend the parking lot outside the hotel, cost again mix 3 morning the time two afternoon. Eventually by me when that so thin that resemble the general manager like movie star Ge You, he says: “ I saw your plan, I know you can ‘ catchs ’ to arrive I, your this individual has nature very much, my secretary says you are defended fast in the hotel two weeks. ” , want to be less than myself to had been turned over to scout by “ ” .

Through the negotiation of a few bouts, firm of the ad austral the day obtained the advertisement dealership of this hotel eventually, but I am dug by general manager “ however ” holds the position of hotel figure plan to the hotel, general manager says: “ handsome appearance is rare, again clever person did not respect industry drive, without the plan that bear hardships, cannot do a career. ”
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