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Ability and actual strength cannot need less to be good at managing ability wisd
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After a youth university of 22 years old graduates, cannot find the job all the time. Although he has the diploma of major of news of university of Ming Han of a piece of England, but go up in the talent market with intense competition, he everywhere be rebuffed.

For to apply for a job, his north from British mainland, reach capital London all the time, he walked into the world the famousest " peaceful interview person newspaper " editorial office.

He asks very deferentially: Does excuse me your need edit “ ? ” the other side sees him appearance is not breathtaking say: “ does not want. He asks ” again: Does “ need a reporter then? ”

Answer of the other side says: “ also does not want. ” he is not crestfallen: “ so, typo, proofread? ”

The other side is already impatient, say: “ does not want. ”

He laughs slightly however, draw out to make delicate billboard from the bag, give the other side says: Then you need “ for certain this billboard. ”

The other side looks, a such words wrote above: “ specified amount is full, of short duration does not employ. ”

His act lets expect of personnel of invite applications for a job be less than, director by him serious and behavior of intelligent to apply for a job moved, result he by newspaper office employ, arrangement arrives to publicize sectional work external.

After 20 years, the position that he signs up for greatly in this England ace is: Chief editor. He is born namely unconscious, senior the journalist that has charm of good moral quality.

Still have an appearance flatly female undergraduate, apply for secretary of administration of business of a foreign capital. A lot of appearance come to interview before beautiful graduate, the person that goes in in the past not by employ. Suddenly she takes a rank in front, say to applying for personnel attendantly: “ general manager makes me advanced go. ”

After 10 minutes, she stands in the doorway to say to everybody: “ I was recruited, everybody need not wait again. ”

Everybody listens, wander away in succession. General manager did not see bearer, very strange. That girl says: They walked along “ completely. After ” general manager knows the whole story, not only without blame that girl, recruited her at once.

Because to an administration secretary, want to have hope to oneself above all, must have next coordinate and direct ability. And girl just revealed this.

Ability and actual strength are indispensable, but if won't be managed, it can belong to yourself only. In the times that is full of competition in this, cannot defend again add be equal to of 2 live law, and the wisdom that should join oneself, the result that yields it is more than 2. (Liu Yong is strong)

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