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How to leave good impression to interview official
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In interview, the person that the stand or fall that is answer problem not just can give interview leaves deep impression, bearing and impression also can be noticed all the more. According to interview habit of Japan, good impressional stays in most applicant, can receive very high opinion when considering employ. Good impressional stays to interview official namely below primary technological process.
  ·Reach interview place or take a company
  ·Shift to an earlier date 10 minutes to reach interview place
The time that compares an agreement shifts to an earlier date 10 minutes to arrive. If cannot arrive on time, must inform beforehand. Some companies are likely this also included assessment content.
   ·Before taking a company, want to affirming outfit is neat
Leave good impression to give interview the official, before taking a company, want to affirming outfit is neat. Notice cravat and shirt whether button of level off, jacket buckles complete, shoe to whether have besmirch, hair messy etc. If be large office building, have the closet of free pass in and out, arrange an outfit according to the mirror please.
   ·Answer concise palpability
Enter a company downstage, on the theme that wants a visit, name that has the person that do not have agreement, visit and him name newspaper. Be being asked the circumstance that writes down the time of interview and name falls, fill in with the word that knows easily simply carefully and nearly.
Exemple: My name is Zhang San, arranged the interview 3 o'clock, interview official is human affairs ministry is medium village gentleman.
In bearer very much circumstance falls, the guest that wants a distance to come first 2, 3 paces are far waiting aside.
Enter reception room
  ·When entering antechamber to be acted as a guide
Enter antechamber to be brought by receiver road when, distance receiver 3 paces are far in inclined rear walk.
   ·Put out a mobile phone
Regard general society as common sense, in interview, close the mobile phone please machine.
   ·In antechamber, want to note the position of the seat
Be gone to by arrangement after antechamber or assembly room, should sit commonly the closest chair at the door the distance (if be like the combination of the chair that has armrest and sofa, should sit sofa) . Vade mecum tastes what should be put in back, chair on the side or on oneself knee, pron any thing cannot be put on the table.
   ·Forbidden smoking
Place like crock having smoke in antechamber, do not smoke please.
   ·After interview official enters interview room
After interview official enters interview room from back door, must of courteous sex stand greeting, wait for interview official to enter rear can sit down.
Enter interview room
  ·Submit the method of the door
When entering interview room, knock first 2, 3 doors, after hearing “ to ask ” , want to answered “ to disturb ” reentrance room. After entering a room, face about closes the door gently, the face about after the door is shut salutes. Want nod not only, even pitch of upper part of the body 30 degrees are controlled bow.
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