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Interview needs examination questions bewares be rendered speechless
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When interview, company interview personnel often can put forward have a few problems, prepare well in the light of these problems, when interview also won't be rendered speechless, speechless, below with respect to interview 10 need greatly examination questions make an analysis:

(1) why to think our company?

This is interview official normally most the problem that asks about first. Right now interview official begins judge employ, suggest everybody judges him to go first the working property of be recruited, be professional competence directs, or it is need communication ability, show to be direction in order to serve more in the market actually, so eloquence is regarded as one of basic ability, be in so be close friends right now the eloquence of good project oneself, and eloquence is poorer person the professional ability that shows oneself without fail namely sincerity, make up for eloquence inadequacy.

When answering this question, must positive obverse side, if want to make oneself can have better development space, the hope can develop somewhat in relevant domain, the hope can be waited a moment in company great study. Right now can boast of in a way interview company, but be sure to keep in mind must cordial, can be to meet otherwise ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous, the loss outweights the gain! The proposal of new to the society person is, as a result of before without working experience, suggest you are OK so calm bear the motive that speaks oneself, nevertheless diction still should think.

(2) the where that likes this job a bit?

Believed actually everybody has the result certainly in the heart! The viewpoint of value of everybody is different, the standard of natural judge also can differ, but, answering interview official when this problem but cannot too direct speak out the word of own psychology, especially the problem of compensation respect, nevertheless a few not affect the whole answers are pretty good consideration, if traffic is convenient, the interest that working property and content can accord with him quite is right answer etc, if,do not pass at this moment the place that oneself can ponder over the extraordinary that gives this job carefully, believe to be able to add cent greatly on interview.

(3) oneself actor defect why?

A lot of interview officials like to ask this question, the purpose is to depend on postmortem talent proper, to apply for a job person spend cordially etc, should analyse oneself well before this, list oneself advantage and defect piece of bill, amid chooses also is the part that defect also is an advantage, when answering a question, make with the advantage beg to basically appeal to, emphasize can thinking the company brings the advantage of the interest, be like active, agreeing to learn is the most general answer, and defect part suggests to choose a few not affect the whole little weakness, or it is afore-mentioned actor defect of those modular Lin both will do serve as an answer, such ability won't make interview official too make play in the light of defect too, cause the difficulty on interview.
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