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Find the little skill of the Excel function of a need quickly
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Face numerous Excel function, most propbably can write down them clearly without a few friends. When where day should use these function truly, how should you do again? Perhaps some friends can browse relevant book, some friends can inquire the random help of Excel. When I am using Excel function, can need to check this to check that rarely almost, I can let Excel already helped me look for the function of need oneself. How to want to know those who operate to I am?

(Skill of the following operation already was on version of Microsoft Office 2003 the test is passed)

Operation move is as follows:

1. Open Excel software

2. Executive “ inserts command of ” of function of ” menu →“ , play the window that if the graph is shown 1 times,gives

Graph 1

3. In the graph in 1 window, know that extent that everybody notices to arrowhead is tagged, this is searcher of function of a diminutive actually, here the function description that we can resemble searching engine to input need to search in that way, click “ to turn to ” pushbutton to wait to inquire a result next can. If the graph is shown 2 times

Graph 2

[little hint] the function that inputs here describes a demand as far as possible compendious, best can replace with two words, for instance “ statistic ” , “ sort ” , “ chooses ” to wait a moment, otherwise the problem ” that Excel can hint “ states you afresh please and reject to undertake searching for you

4. How? The result came out very quickly. The function that if you still feel,Excel place recommends is overmuch and take prohibit a decision with which when, OK still in the graph the case series of 2 is expressed in ordinal the name that clicks every function, can show below the simple explanation about it and use method, the help ” link that perhaps clicks window nethermost “ to concern this function directly will consult of this function define

How, is this method being used go to the lavatory? Still do not move the mouse that has you to have a try at once, can save many jobs to you oh.

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