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"3 action " teachs you bottleneck of breakthrough interview " "
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Interview is to apply for a job succeeds crucial link, so, where is the " bottleneck " that how breaks through interview? The author thinks graduation undergraduate has done the following " 3 action " will be in interview break out of an encirclement.

Action type one: Highlight key experience

If you are in the school to had had all sorts of experience that organize the life, and be in these activities produced the effect that cannot replace, so, in the process of your resume and interview, emphasis style comes out now. What should remind is, do not want tile when apply for the personal details that you jackaroo in school study and outside school, and the " glitter in wanting to highlight personal details mainly nods " , in organizing the life for example, oneself produced what kind of specialty, perhaps be in process of outside school exercitation, taking best positive result or the mainest job task that take on, want to make official of invite applications for a job impressive to you when spot interview.

Action type 2: Show individual character adequately to want to know

What HR of the enterprise in campus invite applications for a job should look is your individual character, whether does your individual character suit the culture of whole industry, this needs you to be in when facing HR, show optimistic, lively, self-confident nature, and him proof has good human concern truck capacity is mixed communication ability. Nevertheless, the culture of this enterprise must understand ahead of schedule before, if this enterprise is a more composed culture atmosphere, so must not beyond the mark project oneself.

Action type 3: Cannot ignore detail interview whether successful

This is to be in applicant is casual be decided, and the bearing of the way one speaks or what he says with applicant is very relative. So, the undergraduate is in the course that attends invite applications for a job, cannot ignore detail. For instance, how does knead dough try personnel handclasp, greet sb, how transmissive oneself resume, with what kind of sitting position, these are casual a check limits that finished action is in a company in.

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