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10 interview can ask in reply the problem of official of be in charge of an exam
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Before interview ends, if can raise beautiful crucial question, perhaps, the other side is met because of this employ you!

Before interview ends, official of most be in charge of an examination can lose the person that the problem gives to apply for a job, the commonnest is: You have what problem or doubt, want to put forward? No matter to apply for a job person whether to have raise a question, actually, the real implication of this problem backside, it is official of be in charge of an examination normally use a test you have how old purpose heart, determination and glow to this job.

Accordingly, if you fear,misgivings of ask a question is become, or it is not to know to should rise from Hewen, reply even when doing not have a problem, probable meeting lets official of be in charge of an examination think, the intentional heart that you want this job, determination is not quite powerful still.

Contrary, to apply for a job person should more active, active use interview the last opportunity that pass, raise a question timelily, this not only conduce to official of be in charge of an examination can be being deepened to your impression, and whether does culture of the setting that you also can take the advantage of this opportunity to know this company further, company suit you.

The most important is, if can be when interview, raise beautiful question, admitted machine rate will rise greatly. So, anyhow, before heading for interview, it is OK to write down 10 sincerely first the problem of official of rhetorical question be in charge of an examination, so that arrive,moment can put forward.

1. Are you mixed to the working content of this post expectation target is and? Is what share having the place that can I try hard?

2. Whether do you have training of formal or informal education?

3. Your preferment conduit how?

4. Your much horn is changed manage, and in global set a branch, the clique outside whether having in the future, annulus the opportunity of tone?

5. Is the biggest Leakey that can you surpass the same trade nodded why?

6. On the executive division of labor of the project, whether elder personnel can guide the person that enter newly, does the person that let be entered newly have the opportunity of play?

7. In the group cooperation that you emphasize, the member quality of other and character how?

8. Whether do you encourage on-the-job attend in a advanced studies? The accessorial method to on-the-job attend in a advanced studies how?

9. The regulation that you get on in human affairs and course of action how?

10. Whether introduce working environment for me, whether organic perhaps meeting can visit you?

Count as to day of pay pay, New year holidays, end of the year the problem such as measure of bonus, welfare, the official of be in charge of an examination of some companies is when interview, the meeting is direct to to apply for a job person put forward. If the other side did not allude, for new to the society person, when seeking the first job, do not suit to put forward quite, unless you have,the other side must admit your condition.
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