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Show before interview official true oneself
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Interview official lets send word ” , “ to maintain riant ” , “ from beginning to end first when interview want when handclasp just before parting sturdy and strong, believe in order to affect ”…… of the other side to had done the fellow student of the homework to interview, ever collect crosses these skill. Look in me, although skill has certain and auxiliary effect, but show true oneself are more important.

To apply for a job at the beginning of, my collect many interview skill, have paragraph of time, I went to a few skill application that can remember in interview, obviously some of insecurity still wants to place a piece of approximately frozen smiling face however, did not come out him expression well at all.

When interview of an information company, take an examination of an official to ask me suddenly: “ what is the greatest difficulty that you become aware to in deriving from personal interview, exist? ” is original, take an examination of an official to feel some do not put my style of conversation. I am very honest the ground expresses, all sorts of skill always are recollected in interview, him for fear that has careless omission. Interview official says, I do “ manpower resource works for a long time, classics regular meeting comes up against this kind of phenomenon, same a problem, in different interview person there is completely consistent result actually in the answer, very similar perhaps. The person that we listen to know interview may carry some of answering question on the back to cover a region, and such interview is apparently cannot the ” of pass a barrier.

Although this interview failed, but I am done eventually understood what is interview after all. We and interview official face-to-face process, it is the process of mutual understanding actually. Pack meticulously, of complete go out of form oneself appear before the other side, meet probably fluke.

But, servantchoose a person for a job in the future the unit discovers can disappointedly, you are not the person that they need; And you work possibly also to your feel very not ideal. The unit that is wanted to go refuses is not an evildoing, this explains at present you do not suit their post, and you also have an opportunity to make think afresh and choose. So, offer a piece of advice each classmate, do true oneself just are important.

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