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The classical question that interview official asks surely
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The form of interview has a variety of, an interview official is opposite an applicant, also have many to one, a pair many, many pairs many; Also have panel discussion, scene imitate game other richer form. No matter how many the form of interview has, it is the requirement that whether accords with post of place invite applications for a job around the quality that assesses applicant and spread out. Here talks about the interview content with common this year's graduates.

The content that official of interview process interview should understand graduate commonly has:

1, graduate fundamental condition: Full name, professional, record of formal schooling.

The means of the query has: Ask you to introduce yourself simply with 1 minute of time; Perhaps ask you to use 2-3 minute the undergraduate that time introduces you waits alive. When this year's graduates of general invite applications for a job, the interview of arrangement compares concentration, official of interview of a lot of moment asks such problem is to know fundamental condition, resume is browsed quickly when perhaps taking the advantage of applicant introduction, so that the circumstance according to applicant. Quiz further, see expressive ability of applicant at the same time. This part content can get ready ahead of schedule, the window that is aimed at the post that apply for and oneself should be organized systematically have a key.

2, undertake thorough query according to the fundamental condition of resume and introduction.

Main content involves study result, social activity, work the content such as the exercitation. And may ask an example with concrete adduce comes show the activity that applicant speaks of or ability. Interview official basically hopes to be experienced from applicant's associate with and actor defect of applicant discovers in expression, inspect logistic thinking ability of applicant, the primary quality such as group collaboration. Applicant should be a basis with the fact when the answer, around is consistent, logic is close, expression is clear.

3, target of to apply for a job and the understanding circumstance that apply for company and position to place.

The question that interview official asks this the respect basically is the post that hope understanding applicant hopes to work, place, apply for a reason, be familiar with degree to what applying for company and post. Applicant has done adequately preparation is need ahead of schedule, the company that applies for to place and position understanding ground jump over development to had been jumped over more more, such if employ works suit stronger.

4, the program that develops to individual future profession.

Average company goes to an university this year's graduates of invite applications for a job is to hope to foster a few mothball backbones, hope they have the plan of more long-term job and development. Applicant should have a clearer knowledge to what be being done after oneself are 35 years, a more long-term profession plans.
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