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Dare to convey interview of complete ego to apply for a job official of bold que
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The problem that should care with respect to oneself in interview of to apply for a job quizs boldly interview official! Manpower resource director people say, do the person that conduce to interview official knowing to apply for a job deep more already so, the person that also be helpful for to apply for a job holds the company that he confronts and profession to whether suit his.
Last week 4, in the “ that sponsors by Chinese youth press " 500 strong interview of world are inscribed " read on salon ” , the director of resource of company labor power that attend the meeting people, with respect to a few problems that interview middling appears, expressed oneself view.
Duty field veteran should convey complete ego
Manpower resource director people express, unit of choose and employ persons is right to apply for a job person undertake interview, main purpose is him ” with true “ of the person that know to apply for a job, discover its good qualities and inadequacy, whether is the person that judge to apply for a job from this appropriate person selected.
In interview, to apply for a job person it is to answer to convey him ” with true “ thoroughly, still convey only suit him place to seek position oneself? Beijing Nuolante Li Gongqing of manager of department of resource of company labor power thinks, to duty field is being entered first person, should choose latter; And to those duty field veteran people, especially the person of position of those seek management layer, best choice is former.
Li Gongqing says, the enterprise is when personnel of layer of management of invite applications for a job, run ability besides what inspect applicant, the confluence that still can take applicant and company culture seriously is spent, namely the possibility that applicant admits for a long time in the enterprise. If “ omits ” the earth's surface amounts to him,applicant is in in interview, even if causes the error on understanding to the enterprise, and because of pass a barrier of ” of this “ deceive, this to applicant may not it is meddlesome. Because, to a mature duty field person, once discover difficult be in harmony of oneself and company culture, will naturally find new job once more. This kind of result is to delay an individual apparently, also delay an enterprise.
Interview official welcomes you to quiz
In the process of interview, a few to apply for a job person afraid meeting develops because of query him relation and the problem of the interest displeases interview official, dare not quiz. Manpower resource director people say, interview official welcomes you to quiz!
Resource of manpower of group limited company and duckweed of administrative director Lili say Du Bangzhong state, the enterprise often takes a fancy to information reciprocity in Central Africa of invite applications for a job now, because have mutual knowledge only, mutual choice, just may accomplish double win. Li Chunhui of manager of department of resource of labor power of company of China carry estate says, the more big company, in invite applications for a job, seek information reciprocity the more. Future does not have Zhang Dongyang of care business chief inspector to disclose, when he becomes interview officer every time, time of put apart of the person that can give to apply for a job will raise a question, carry these problems, can more the person that bona fide knows to apply for a job.
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