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Chinese talent report divulges in the near future the likelihood has his moment
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Guangdong average college adds major of 145 undergraduate course newly

Guangdong average college adds source of major of 145 undergraduate course newly: Information times

College graduate applies for a job, the major that total hope place learns can bring a good profession to oneself. But market demand is changing ceaselessly, hot major is returned not less a few years ago, when the “ that oneself graduated to had become talent market probably however that day to go up is slow-moving taste ” . How can you foretell a few years will be tightened most in the market henceforth spruce? Also be not actually without mark but abide.

Academy of Chinese thing science releases " Chinese talent reports " predict, to 2010 qualified personnel of our country professional technology supplies gross to be 40 million person, and demand gross is 60 million person. This data shows, technical qualified personnel is in major to will still appear in the near future the situation that demand exceeds supply. Predict 2010, number of breach of secondary industry talent is the largest, will reach 12.2 million person. And the tertiary industy that regards a service as course of study will be to enlarge the branch with obtain employment most post, demand of talent of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of high end of wh some of which is very big, for instance: Service of banking of lawyer of accountant of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, simultaneous interpretation, essence calculates, digital media, content shedding, psychology seeks advice etc, talent breach predicts to be in 3.25 million person.

Car service qualified personnel is comprehensive and in short supply

Automobile industry is “ one of industries of emphasis of 915 ” program. The number that Shanghaishandi of vice director of secretariat of seminar of Chinese car talent offers shows, during 915 ” of “ breach of talent of research and development of our country car 500 thousand, breach of maintenance qualified personnel 800 thousand. Shang Haishan says, did not come 5 years car talent is comprehensive and in short supply, include talent of car research and development, car sale talented person, maintenance qualified personnel, government person with ability to wait.

“ is notable is, a few kinds of talents foster above in the college to had formed certain dimensions, and car service qualified personnel still does not have those who get authority to take seriously however. ” Shang Haishan says, current, the whole nation has a few colleges to install a car to serve major only, scale is not large also. But from the point of international standard, this kind of talented person is very serious, gap is very huge.
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