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The success of duty field depends on extraordinary
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“ the professional career of a person to whole manpower market, be like is a product. Have only with bad, success or failure very much in the market the ability in comparing reachs judgement. ” Mr Zhu Zhengzhong comes up to engraft to everybody the concept that has to come from me to evaluate with market consciousness, “ now, the evaluation standard on the market is increasing, it is more and more difficult also to want to show itself the talent flow between …… industry brings the level that crosses a trade, the communication between international brings the level of internationalization. A person wants to score a success, necessary the ‘ difference that builds he and others changes ’ , extraordinary just can establish a brand. ”

Read appear lifecycle

It is among brand management, having a very important concept is product lifecycle, feel the process that appears product itself life to grow only, ability make the best use of the circumstances, achieve a climax. The professional career of a person also has its lifecycle, can divide roughly for 5 phase.

The undergraduate that walks out of from campus is in the first phase of professional career mostly, this personal growth that offers in Zhuzheng experiences periodic confirm field of duty of the experience at the beginning of “ is the point of view that takes enthusiasm to change experience ” . He says candidly: “ university just enters social stepping-stone, cannot reveal the difference of you and others. ” is in same lifecycle model among, make strategy of very poor dissimilation only, fang Nengcheng is fine public figure.

Because had held the position of the high-level administrator of much home company, zhu Zhengzhong judges the employee that ordered an enterprise to like, the lovely part that returns special will young employee to follow senior staff among them was done quite. The enterprise likes stuff of young basic level, because they can apply cost of science and technology, labor adroitly to be taught inferiorly, easily,basically be; In the meantime, the supply of employee of young basic level on manpower market is relatively enough.

The enterprise likes old stuff, because they can offer high value ceaselessly,basically be, can develop a person with ability for the company, having the effect that cannot replace; In the meantime, these people also should be listless without occurrence profession.

Still business of a kind of person likes very much: Hammer and tongs employee, it is the home with the enterprise.

The hit the mark with a single comment in Zhuzheng analyse relative intention: “ understood the enterprise likes the person's reason, the individual can make a few strategies accordingly, for instance youth, want to develop the dominant position of young employee, realize the value of senior staff at the same time as far as possible; And the vigor that senior staff should retain him as far as possible, learn quickly. ”
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