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The 12nd applicant
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Talent of some big company invite applications for a job, fall into disuse through 3 rounds, still remain 11 applicant, final continue to employ 6. Accordingly, four-wheel president personally interview. Strange is, interview examination room appears 12 examinee. The president asks: “ who is applied for? ” sits in a last man to stand up: Mr “ , I the first round was washed out, but I want to attend interview. ”Those present laughed, include to stand in that my old man that doorway idle sees. The president is full of interest ground to ask: “ you the first close not to pass, come here what sense is there? ” man says: I mastered “ a lot of fortune, accordingly, I myself am fortune namely. ”Everybody laughs very happily again, feel this person or is too madcap, or is brain amiss. The man says: I have “ only record of formal schooling of an undergraduate course, an intermediate title, but I have experience of 11 years of works, ever had held the post of duty ……” president to interrupt in 18 companies he: Your record of formal schooling, title does not consider “ tall, the job is 11 years very pretty good, but find new job early or late 18 companies, too startling, I am not admired. ”

The man stands up: Mr “ , I did not find new job, however those 18 companies closed down early or late. ” those present laughed the 3rd times, an examinee says: “ you are hapless egg really! ” man also laughed: “ is contrary, I think this is my fortune! I am not hapless, I have 31 years old only. ”At this moment, the old fogey that stands in the doorway goes, pour tea to the president. The man continues to say: I understand “ very much those 18 companies, I ever rescued them hard with groups big, although do not succeed, but I acquire a lot of things from inside their mistake and failure; A lot of people just seek successful experience, and I, more experience avoids mistake and failure! ”

The man leaves a place, at the same time face about says at the same time: I know very well “ , successful experience in the main similar, imitate very hard; And unsuccessful reason has each different. Learn successful experience with 11 years with its, be inferior to studying mistake and failure with same time; The successful experience of others makes our money very hard, but the unsuccessful process of others is however! ”The man was about to go out, had turned round again suddenly: 18 companies that “ experiences 11 this years, education, exercised me to be opposite person, right the thing, acumen insight to future, cite a small case —— takes an examination of an official truly, not be you, however this old person ……” that pours tea

Full-court 11 examinee in an uproar, staring at the old man that pours tea stunnedly. That old man laughed: “ is very good! You were admitted the first times ”

Origin: Whetstoning cable of = Xian Fei
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