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Answer a variety of inequity on duty field actively
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The stone young lady that in some famous foreign enterprise works is particularly irritated recently, former department director found new job, still took away a following, oneself loyal and devoted to the company, willingly bear the burden of hard works, a person works now, pressure is particularly great. But the eye sees he is in a company hardworking already 3 years, still do not have raises of duty be risinged. A few new think of a way that oneself offer to boss, also was not taken seriously.


In the communication with stone young lady, I understand, scholarly family of her one's previous experience, parents asks as a child to her strict. To the university from elementary school she has successively held the posts of class cadre. She is not quite introvert, sensitive, recreant, depressive, self-confident, pursuit is perfect. Very much large foreign enterprise has one to cover very shaping constituent management system, above once decision-making come down, inferior be carried out strictly to carry out by the requirement, encourage innovation lesser. The stone young lady with active thought encounters the boss with composed style, feel was not taken seriously, the nature in the heart can have lose feeling. As a result of the blemish of a few individual character of stone young lady, make she won't be communicated in time with boss, colleague well, point to the anger of duty field and discomfort however oneself or family, adopt depressive, evasive, backward-looking behavior mode to answer the contradictory conflict in the job, let oneself feel very get hurt.

   Stone young lady can adopt following answering politic:

1, solve a problem to direct: Often maintain with boss, colleague communicate, tell him the other side true opinion of the heart, is not depression, evasive. There is new idea on the job, on the foundation that can investigating extensively, after considering feasibility plan, report with written form ranking. If a true person worked 3 people, completely authority forms written character to ask to increase staff or raises. Such ability may stop this kind of “ to fear → depresses the behavior mode of → evasive ” , let oneself be able to free oneself dejected.

2, adjust the heart is oriented: Although the administrative pattern of large foreign enterprise appears formalist sometimes, devoid flexibility, but this is the foreign enterprise forms the mode with solidify for a long time, the likelihood is advantageous really have disadvantage. We are not CEO, also cannot change colleague and boss, that adjusts that state of mind, “ should is for place, arrange its nature ” . Wanted oneself to do the thing that oneself should do only, in order to arrange its natural manner, had accepted or bad result, is not concern fears, blame everyone and everything but not oneself, disturbed and indignantdisturbed and indignant.

3, self-confident heart trains: The core of problem of psychology of stone young lady is the standard that lacks immanent self-confidence and behavior. Accordingly, feel embarrassed reject others, or the opinion that puts forward to differ. Actually, our everybody has authority him ground inner principle, will protect oneself legitimate right, include timely reject other. Also want to consider the feeling of other of course, the kind that be accepted easily with other and understands undertakes.
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