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Jealousy is the obstacle that affects truck
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Envious, come from some kind of meaning say, it is a kind of of the mankind general sentiment. Modern society is one advocates successful society, it is however among intense competition, somebody is successful, inevitable someone loses. The waits for composition by abashed, anger and resentment mixed feeling that produces after failure is envious. Jealousy has the sense of two respects:

On one hand, jealousy has active sense. Shakespeare the defend conventional moral principles love of envious assimilate to person. Really, if your lover objects you be the same as contact of other opposite sex and association, mirrorred him just about (she) the degree of the love to you. Conversely, if he (her) never " jealous " , so the love between you is afraid still lie very low level, the condition with perhaps had arrived hazardous. Accordingly, jealousy is inside love or have certain active sense. If jealousy can change the motive force that becomes advancement, it is active.

On the other hand, jealousy is inactive meaning in more time show. Jealousy often can cause the inactive behaviour such as the calumniatory others, bespatter others that hates others. With breadth of mind often accomplishment of narrow, lack contacts jealousy together. The person with narrow breadth of mind can produce envious psychology because of a few insignificant minor matter, any stronger than him aspects became others his envious genesis. The person that lacks accomplishment can change envious psychology into inactive envious behavior, destroy human relationship severely.

Although jealousy has its positive one side, but inactive one side is the mainest still, because this is necessary,undertake overcoming to its. It is OK to overcome jealousy from proceed with of the following respects:

· prescind force

· gives him an unenviable reason

· sees his advantage

· changes jealousy to be motivation

When we have a lot of things to want to do, we are too busy to go envious others. Accordingly, take an active part in all sorts of beneficial activities, effort study, work conscientiously, make oneself truly contented rise, so, envious toxin won't breed, spread.

The lopsided feeling of the mentally that to alleviate oneself failure brings, can seek a few ground, make oneself no longer envious others. Can say " my luck is not quite good just " , "Such success does not have what value " , with the dissatisfaction in this untangle heart, avoid to produce jealousy. This kind of method is expedient only, cannot use overly, can produce the psychogenic disorder with inactive other possibly again otherwise.

A person is when envious others, always notice the advantage of others, cannot notice oneself compare the place with powerful other people however. Actually anybody has the place that is inferior to others, when others in some way exceeds us, we can think we compare the place with strong opposite party conciously, can make the psychological balance of own unbalance regains the position of the balance afresh so.
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