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The personal friendship in the office has how many reliability
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Case one I touched him with a sincere desire

I come round two years to be in a very well-known company inside course of study to this. Because come late, the client wants him basically to develop, come in order to head for because a few big clients have jackknife with present firm client, continue to safeguard by the original sale of the company. The business of the company basically is to come from project demand, the sales revenue of brushstroke order is so little criterion hundred thousands of yuan, many millions yuan. I hear of outside the somewhere inside Gao Qiao is preparing to construct workshop, hold a person in the palm to wanted to come to this company so the phone of engineering department chief. Cannot think of, he listened to my intent clear to reject the demand of my interview with respect to blunt ground, he said to had found a supplier, and each other cooperate to understand very much all the time, after wanting me, do not call again irritated he.

I still do not have delay to cross a god to come, his phone with respect to hang up. After the event is sold a few times take pleasure in other's misfortune a bit the ground persuades me, saying this individual is a famous strange disposition, soft do not eat forcedly. My can find no way out, dare not phone him again. There is email now fortunately, ” of do sth for the occasion of on holidays “ sends portion mail to give him the blessing, the company has what gift to also do not forget to send to give him. Email went to never reply. Until once, the company sponsorred concert of a star, I sent two pieces of bank note to give him. That day, he calls will say “ coldly I do not like to see what concert, do not waste ” later, I am bearing disposition to say I also do not like to see star concert, the youth accompany that falling in love in the company looks, I do not go much two pieces of tickets just send him. I retaliate the ground to say a bit, have this kind of thing later again won't irritated he. Cannot think of, he however the mood came a 180 degrees about-face, ask me company treatment is good now, say he has a little sisters to had not married, the company that asks me has appropriate person introduction to give him the little sister. I listened is to be enraged again really laugh again, do not cross me or introduced a few times to his little sister, of course here has what “ develops client ” to because of,be moved.

I rise with his contact gradually. The mother that knows he is ill abed worries marital important matter of the daughter all the time, his heart for wide mother, just want me to help boldly so. I sigh with emotion the filial piety heart at him, ever also introduced a few doctors to see a doctor for his mother. Later, his little sister and love of a when I introduce male youth married, the disease of his mother does not have improvement however. When his mother dies, he is helped in what cry bitterly thanks me before me. I very the person that moves the ground to see a long-term depression is in the complete drain before me.
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