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10 fresh philosophic theory stories
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  1, a turkey and an ox prattle, turkey says: I hope to be able to fly to cultivate a top, but I do not have courage. The ox says: Why to eat a bit my cow dung, they have nutrition very much. Turkey ate a bit cow dung, discover it gave its enough power to fly to the first branch really, the following day, turkey ate more cow dung again, fly to the 2nd branch, after two weeks, turkey flew haughtily to cultivate a top, but before long, a farmer saw it, shot it quickly from the tree.

Existent path 1: Bovine excrement carry lets you reach peak, but cannot let you stay over.

2, the crow stands on the tree, all the day faineant, bunny sees a crow, ask: I can resemble you same, all the day what thing need not do what? The crow says: Of course, it what there is is not OK to what there is? Then, bunny begins to rest on the clearing below the tree, suddenly, a fox appeared, it jumps to capture bunny, swallowed it.

Existent path 2: If you want to standing,what thing is not done, what then you must stand is very tall, very tall.

3, a birdie flies to south to have been to a winter. The weather is very cold, birdie was frozen stiff almost. Then, fly to one chunk clearing, an ox is passed there, pulled one caboodle cow dung to be on the body of birdie, numb birdie lies in dunghill, feel very warm, gradually come to one's senses, it is warm and comfortable lying, sing a song before long, a transient caracal hears voice, go by to look after all, abide is worn sound, caracal discovered the birdie that lies in dunghill very quickly, drag it ate off.

Existent path 3: Not be the enemy that every person that helps human excrement toward your body is you. Also not be every one or two the friend that the person that you come out from dunghill lira is you, still have, when you lie in dunghill, had better close your mouth.

4, there is a bottle in sea floor, there is a huge monster in this bottle. That is an immortal gets gigantic evil spirit in bottle. Huge monster once had made wish, who can scoop up this bottle, open bottle stopper, rescue him come, he sends this individual a golden hill. But, went 500 years, still scoop up this bottle without the person. Huge monster is very angry angry. His curse says: After “ , if who rescues me,come, I swallow this person readily. ” has the fishermen of a youth, his net fishs, receive the accession of the net when him, discovery has an antiquated bottle in the net, he opens bottle stopper, ah! A strong aerosol in season comes out, spit an older than hill gigantic magic slowly. “ breaths out Hahaha! The laugh of ” huge monster, shake gets Hai Tao to rise billowily. He says: “ youngster, you rescue me come, I should thank you originally, but, you are done too behindhand, if you save me one year early case, you can get a golden hill! Alas, I waited 500 years, I am too impatient, I had been made evil wish, want to eat off the person that helps me come out readily! ” that youth ate one Jing, but say composedly instantly: “ oh, so small bottle, can fill you how fall, you are certain and lying, you return bottle to look to me again! ”
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