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Duty field is human 10 criterion of the relation
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Modern values human concern very much. What human relation handles is good,
Deciding the life quality of a person greatly. And human relation how, depend on social manner of the individual and code of conduct. Specific will tell, harmonious human relationship has law of the following processing:
One, conversion thinks, the chronic from oneself angle when understanding people watchs an issue sets out, reach oneself interest, desire, mood merely, assume sth as a matter of course of ground of one's own wishful thinking, accordingly, often know another person very hard, communicate very hard with others. In real life, fair say axiom, mother-in-law says the mother-in-law manages, tell each each, each are busy each, such phenomenal everywhere is visible. Arriving greatly between two two groups, nations also is such. In fact, want to stand in external position to be able to discover only, the both sides of conflict does not understand the other side almost completely, it is not mutual completely make allowances for the other side. Want to had handled the human relation of oneself and other, what need to do most is the one-way observation that the change sets out from ego and thinking, and should watch opposite party from the angle of the other side, for consider of the other side, also watch the other by those namely. On this foundation, be apt to dismisses the idea of other. If this handles human relation, had more reasonable methods. Cannot watch by those those, understanding, the new personality border that does not have having sth new concerns.

2, equality needs a person, do not importune others this principle is the infallible law that handles human relation to must be abided by. This is true equality needs a person, it is the equal spirit with applicable of all ages. The person is unripe and equal, the character of everybody and dignity should be respected. If do not know this, that can have so much one's own wishful thinking, can have so much unjustifiable need a person. “ personal place not desire, do not apply at person ” , this archaism is told very reasonably. No matter be pair of colleagues, following, friend, partner, lover, should abide by. This is the ancients the experience that comes out in the summary in long-term social life, it is we conduct oneself in society for the person the regulation that must follow.

3, learn to share, push reach mix joy when you at the person when others is shared, your joy became two joy; Becoming you to share your drop and others is, with respect to the scintilla that can have more idea. Same, contented to longing to also can come jointly. The thing that oneself yearn for, want to think of others yearns for possibly also. When you yearn for safe feeling, be about to understand the need that other feels to safety, help other realize safe feeling even. You yearn for by the understanding, love that be mixed by care, be about to know how ground of in one's power gives other understanding, care and love. Offer other understanding and care, can adjust on Gao Shuiping harmonious each other relation, this good position comes from the condition —— that also can adjust his well already the redound at the other side, also be the result that him “ gives ” . Be kind to others, was kind to oneself at the same time. Everybody mights as well will hope most from the manner that gets over there other write down, examine one's conscience, can think of others has these hopes likewise after that. Easy to other generosity on these clauses, it is the truest attitude that handles human relation.
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