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The path in the office
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Believe to enter the person of duty field, to its working environment is met somewhat idea, everybody probably before did not care about too much! Here issues idea collection of everybody, the likelihood has not comprehensive place among them, hope everybody forgives!

Path one: Contradictory

Everybody understands an a new chief brings in new aides, because this follows a leader to go too nearly to be no good, leave so that also be no good too far. Follow too nearly to be afraid that the station became wrong team, once be cultivated greatly, catastrophe is met befall; Leave too far, advantage forever annulus less than, bad thing is little not. Zun Ye is not, right also not be, this is the does not go trouble of office staff brandish.

Path 2: Awkward

Be inferior to work ingeniously hardworkingly, still call to be inferior to drily looking somewhat, look be inferior to make trouble. What go up consequently is not certain it is capability is strong, of place footfall not be feebleminded certainly. To this, you refuse to obey be no good.

Path 3: Attribution

Always officially does not go, unanimous namely won't try to establish a relationship with sb, nobody do not have tiring-room in face, think without the person oneself ability quality is insufficient. This is the most creditable reason. But won't say before the leader oneself are to have unrecognized talent however.

Path 4: Abstain from

Do not hear complaint complaint normally in the office, ascend on newspaper for instance somewhere uncover a corrupt official, you can choose to unspoken criticism only, hate is in the heart. If talk a lot of nonsense, mouth does not have block ground to have violent attack, somebody can think you are in attack by innuendo, point at one but abuse another. Too high to be popular. You are in make clear him love and hate while, it is to be in actually isolated oneself, become other very likely to head the boy or girl friend of fortify especially. Want the Clinton of eristic eristic United States, iraqi Sa amounts to Mu. After the one by one that passes the office so is experienced, everybody can say handholding “ ancient do not say today, in outside saying, saying, say far do not say close ” principle.

Path 5: Move

The leader's leader approved a leader, as what be led you had be toed lead carefully take you to should do “ to give inflator ” . You should feel nest fire, the person that can seek to be led by you again sends a disposition, criticise how his “ is done! If ” is done not have, that is gone to with respect to fetch down tooth the pharynx in abdomen. The wife that has experience, child discovers the shade on its face arrives cloudy, ground of general metropolis sensible goes away.

Path 6: Relation

What skill has nothing to do with bear hardships meal, do not have what skill matters to eat accordingly, skill matters again not anxious eats, do not have what skill has nothing to do with again to see others eat. The problem depends on thinking what to the person may not of skill can get leading is approbate oneself, accordingly, have skill and those who do not have skill, want to seek a relationship desperately, had a concern not hesitate cudgel one's brains for consolidates good relationship.
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