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Hold the flexibility of good self-respect
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The society is medium now, when we talk about at every turn, want to speak of a spent question, mention self-respect today, also be such. Make an example, when we are learning physics, the teacher ever stressed flexibility: Any objects that have flexibility, want to have a stretch interval, no matter promote or it is to compress, want to be in this interval, otherwise we see can be to be out of shape only! In psychology, we need proud definition for a kind of spirit, namely the kernel of character. Safeguarding self-respect is the person's instinct and nature, of course here also should have to spend, a stretch interval. If be without self-respect,humanness plays, face is too thick, be no good; Conversely, self-respect is filled too, face is too thin, bad also. Correct principle is: Set out from real need, let proper pride preserve certain flexibility.

Speak of self-respect, from the need of the need of self-respect of the recognize on the thought and intercourse, differentiate Qing Dynasty is both the relation between is very important. Too proud person, always see self-respect very again, ask you to change the footing that sees a problem at this moment, missing oneself outer part solely, see more important than this thing even, for instance career, job, friendship. Remind you of a bit is even, the tenet that should hold to a solid reality border looks prep above self-respect, let the need of proud obedience intercourse. Such you just can have to self-respect accuse force oneself, although be stimulated, hearts of unapt also face jumps, even need not urgent not angry, laugh, all the same with adversary deal with, show the attitude that does not do accomplish sth to stop anything but, make communication win the home.

In intercourse process, consider the situation, hold proud flexibility well and truly, ability can achieve first-rate intercourse result. Want, whether should we notice the following:

1. Get on intercourse field when cold reception, your proper pride meeting is facing a challenge, at this moment you must not break out, might as well the mission that thinks you more, duty, to finish the job, increase self-respect quickly bear strength.

2. Have one's heart filled with hope other to be sure you spent very great painstaking care to do that thinks oneself very good thing, what get unluckily is overall denies. At this moment you can be stimulated strongly for certain, but to redeem face, undertake explaining, refute, it is brawl even. This is off base. Because uphold self-respect, outer part so, can make only thing more flooey, be inferior to accepting this fact, the effect may be betterer.

3. When you are criticized, enduring criticism in public especially is shy more, proper pride is overcome certainly. Right now you want to be able to understand correctly to criticism, should take modest attitude, this not only won't lose face, can change the view of other instead, leave next good impression to the other side. Sometimes, critical content is disloyal, some biased, and the person that criticize lies again special status. At this moment if you suffer proper pride drive, strike back on the spot, effect affirmation is bad. A few more sensible, do not want to be refuted on the spot, reentry of after the event explains all right, this kind of processing is relatively advantageous.
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