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The neuter concept in duty field
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In modern society, wisdom and talent make the payoff of professional career. Industrialization and high-tech make manual advantage of the man gradually hasten is weak, in the creation that the female has an opportunity to join wealth of society morely. “ is in the job, anybody is neuter, did not give a man technically the work that perhaps does to the woman only only. ” this is a neuter times has representative enunciative.

Equaler and equaler obtain employment opportunity, laid solid economic foundation for the female. Had the woman of economic position, do not satisfy at pecuniary abundant, their good is more: Equal, free, position, influence. Then we see, effeminate and domestic young woman became astute and doughty old woman, they had seized half the world of the man resolutely. Gradually if accustomed man also discovers, whats don't have to feminine half country bad, on oneself shoulder unexpectedly little the pressure of the half, vivid Debuna pressure is very grave and hard pinch. And the distinctive perspective that the woman still can apply them, make certain issue it is new idea, better to be done. Neuter idea also comes into being from this.

In contemporary duty field, the men and women is permeated each other on on-the-job course of study, once upon a time in certain and specific male profession or female profession, began to have the figure of the opposite sex. More and more bosses made clear it seems that a bit: Working purpose is not had outside implementation individual value and creation wealth of society, want to complete the work can satisfactorily only, how many distinction do the male and female have again? To the individual, as long as can utmost ground realizes individual value, the gully between traditional man job and female job already not answer exist. Person of working surface forefathers is equal, also mean duty field asexuality, those who decide firewood of your identity, position, labour is your outstanding achievement, everything incline to talks at relying on actual strength.

In such big environment, female people is ambitious, dare to carry responsibility. Encounter difficulty, do not act like a spoiled child, not timid, go solving a problem with heart of honest, cordial, responsibility. And male people also stays feelings to the woman everywhere no longer, include with the identity of old man even the mistake that female colleague commits. Be in no matter man or in feminine eye, she or he, it is adversary, colleague, comrade-in-arms, everybody has a privilege unlike who, everybody has an advantage unlike who, everybody goes up in same scratch line, regular and same ground contends for honor. Believe ” of bandit of the person that emir of the person that “ is become is defeated, if I was defeated by you, even if you are a woman, I also homage your actual strength; If I won you, I also won't because I am a man, think portion place ought to.

In neuter environment, the glamour of person nature appears especially important. Of the woman narrow, flimsy, of the man cloddish, overbearing, seek the ground that gains be excusinged no longer. Accordingly, everybody, should expand more oneself the one side to be apt to: Just, kind-hearted, breadth of mind is open, be happy to aid person …… of course, in such environment, the person is OK also better off, the inherent quality that puts a person's mind to extend his, the woman need not work hard the appearance of the daughter of an eminent family, the man need not be propped up painfully firm strong case, happy when Homeric laughter, sad when dim and sad, this is everybody some rights.
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