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Anhui releases business pay to increase direct line
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I save production to manage normal, economic benefits than going up the industry of year of growth should raise wage level for the worker appropriately, the datum line that worker pay increases this year is 12% , amplitude is highest do not exceed 16% . Agree via saving a government, 7 days morning, hall of province labor safeguard released me to save business wages increased direct line 2008, in order to strengthen macroscopical to business pay distributive adjusting control and guidance, conduct a business standard of reasonable and affirmatory salary and wage growth range.

   Minimum wage standard is a bottom line

Direct line applies to the salary that releases this to save pay of worker of on guard of of all kinds enterprise to allocate completely. Manage normal, economic benefits to production relatively go up the enterprise of year of growth, datum line of average wage growth is worker money 12% , in the meantime, the line on average wage growth is worker money 16% , regard business pay as the early-warning line of growth, should not exceed commonly, worker money is average salary gets offline for 0 growth, but the worker salary that the company pays to provide normal work is not gotten under standard of our region minimum wage.

According to the requirement, of the enterprise increase capital proposal, beard newspaper ensures a branch to put on record with course work.

   Provide reference for enterprise raises

Province labor ensures office work wages and arbitral place to tell a reporter about chief, I save salary to grow direct line to be released since 2001 to begin, release every year, the line of guidance of business wage growth that announce allocates to business pay have direct effect, but do not have mandatory, whether does the industry rise for the worker salary still is own action. But to a few businesses that already built salary collective to negotiate a mechanism, issuance wage growth coachs the line has important reference, of all kinds enterprise also should be in other on the base that economic benefits growth, labor productivity increases, consider growth of average wage of price level and place integratedly to wait for an element, coach in salary reasonable arrangement wages increases scope inside line interval, ensure company worker can be reasonable the fruit that shares business development.

It is reported, my province will strengthen a government further normative to business pay distributive, supervise, adjusting control and guidance, drive of all kinds enterprise to build perfect salary collective to arrange a system, form company labour and capital stage by stage in all definitely income allocation mechanism and wage growth mechanism.

Fast growth of wage of adjusting control business as we have learned, the wage growth that in former years releases coachs the line is met the rig business with exorbitant to partial salary standard, too rapid growth, ask its wages increases measurable adjusting control, conduct a business reasonable growth total wages and salary standard. This year, my province had incorporate demand to this one regulation first.
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