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With engage in a battle of office old fox
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This resembles a story really, one is with the colleague enemy, the result resembles the story that rubber ball is played to go out commonly.

But this story also raised a question, it is the problem that human relation manages like where on on-the-job field.

Professional adviser thinks: No matter functionary discretion, human relation has very main effect; As the post rising, technical importance drops gradually; As the post rising, ideal value increases apparently.

In the life almost everybody has opponent, although do not have experience adversary, also meet hypothesis an adversary, will stimulate oneself fighting capacity with this, activation oneself full capabilities. It is especially in the office, experience adversary resembles eating and drink pull like scattering poor and common.

After the university graduates, in an information the company did two years, thought to there is great progress in business and respect of qualifications and record of service oneself, should place come the old soldier over rather, want to show show oneself. At this moment, I am brought into play to come a new department, have in new department very ticklish old guy, he caused my attention.

In my eye, he is my adversary.

The many have bravery to have knowledge promising youth in the company hears of before, fall in succession in the dispute that follows Laozhang horse, not be to fall a bloody nose and a swollen facely, placing tail be defeated and flee namely, still have the wife's younger brother of general manager among them, record of formal schooling is a doctor, person simple minded, the job is conscientious. Know when me oneself want to mix so when Laozhang partner, I of exceeding conceit feel to one kind will receive fine just, the feeling of meet one's match in a contest, have the lofty quality that with him one decide the issue of the battle enjoys greatly.

I feel I am holding the dominant position of each respect from beginning to end, delicacy of young, erudite, trendy, reaction, know computer, know English, laozhang cannot have these; Still have, can cater to a leader to going up, transverse be good at human relation, make friends is capacious, the friend alls over the world, I have what be not a patch on of his Laozhang!

What Laozhang can show off exclusively is his experience and experience. Allegedly he joins a company to do poineering work ten years ago, so of course ground with patriarch pose as. Can leave this company, he still has what what can show off. The person that has experience of v/arc a well-traveled should understand with new not worn-out truth, old person is too much to company knowledge, and can cause the allergy of the old with hero pose as. Still have, experience is the experience that passed in the past nevertheless, new to present new condition phase is not certain and applicable.

Common saying says: Tell foregone the other, 100 battle deeply (note: Sic) . His Laozhang so a bit envy virtuous be jealous of the strength of ability, I already be clear at a glance, need not make visit again what, sufficient be sure to revenge for large quantities of young talents avenge an insult.
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