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Professional program: Why to amount to a person for duty field
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“ duty field amounts to one word of person ” , on-the-job field cries so that send more resonant. Know this term is modern, still love to read one day the old father that reads a newspaper asks me: I know “ amount to a person, but is knowing duty field to amount to a person He Yi? ” temporarily tongue-tied, but the course thinks later, feel duty field amounts to a person, still really average person can be not become, want to have the ability of face of this all directions at least:

   “ profession models ” ability strong

“ profession models ” is “ duty field the ” that amount to a person should enter the first close. Accumulate working experience a certain number of after year, person of field of a duty can enter “ profession to shape ” phase gradually: What is ” of your characteristic of “ profession disposition? What is your specialty? What is your insufficient place? Answer these questions, you can enter “ profession to model ” , in fictile process, should undertake to professional direction reasonable adjust and correctional —— must be good at in oneself, have fun at, the arteries and veins, side that has development space recruits someone.

  “ profession lock decides ” to beg accurate

“ profession lock decides ” is “ duty field the ” that amount to a person should enter the 2nd close. Understood oneself are good at, have fun at, somebody the respect of arteries and veins, be about to lock up calm direction —— to have fixed position, this is crucial one step. Location is exact, get twice the result with half the effort; Location is not exact, get half the result with twice the effort. Him understanding is easy, but seeing what profession has development space is to need to do a large number of homeworks: On the face, on the dot, want to care. On the face, it is to should see social need; On the dot, it is to should see industry trend. Decide these, should browse information, wide ties more good teacher and helpful friend, in the meantime, want to have decision. Some people, work indecisive, it is difficult that professional lock can appear surely.

   “ career develops ” to be done marvellously

“ career development ” is “ duty field the ” that amount to a person should enter the 3rd close. You lock up decided profession to will make career of all one's life, mean the condition such as the skill that you accumulate, experience and capital to will develop course to tilt to the career. Apparently look, you still may hold former professional position, but the age and experience had pushed you to the scratch line —— that the enterprise develops this scratch line, that scratch line that begins start of a race with the profession is different: It means you to want to run for oneself, the second half that is oneself is born and run, time already time will not wait for me, before accumulate will melt into fructification. This level is likely you can encounter such problem: “ receives the years that go down, what should do? ” person arrives middleaged, a lot of people are before the opportunity not dare rushed decision, mentally is a little scared. But, duty field amounts to a person won't at this point go no further, they choose can sturdily and develop enterprising.
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