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The 3 big keywords that ego profession career plans
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Because have clear professional career program,we are this graduate, and by unit of invite applications for a job applaud in the photograph. Excuse me: Be about to be on the accurate teacher that teachs post, has your professional career planned? Those already made pedagogic colleague, does the professional career that you oneself make clear plan? Can the good qualities according to oneself or demerit, will plan from the angle of oneself and school oneself near future or long-term development goal? Beyond question, in teaching education to work daily, there is no lack of such person exists: The leader calls my doing what my doing what, follow ranking leader passively to go, follow a day to go. Can plan oneself heaven and earth, walk out of a sky that belongs to oneself to come?

A graduate described his career briefly in data of his to apply for a job to plan, willing from most the job of basic level is made, with at least 5 years time is familiar with business, master corresponding experience, challenge to senior officer post next. Although his achievement is not outstanding in numerous competitor, but the company of responsible invite applications for a job deputy always however give the decisive word: I believe he can be successful, the idea when I am wet behind the ears follows this youth identical.

  Career needs to have the ” of “

The ” of “ , the center of arrow target, ongoing direction. American biologist overcomes Linlaisi to favour took a group of wonderful camera lens. The bird that has volume of a kind of spadger attacks a move when wing just stops on sanded ground to prepare to forage, conceal stretchs big mouth change suddenly in the snake in sand come out. Rap of another go to the fields wears the paw that bird uses him anguine head, power is limited, the snake still is atttacked to bird more than, bird is dodging at the same time hematic basin of the snake is big, wear with claw rap at the same time anguine head, its are accurate degree is just right. Be in bird rap when many 1000, snake eventually faint ground wead and limp is on sanded ground, also climbed not to rise again.

This kind of bird contrasts with anguine force is great disparity, it still flies high without a spadger even, the biologist is exclusive construable answer is, after this kind of bird is being accumulated through long-term experience, mastered a way that meets a snake eventually, that aims at to nod namely, use the head of claw stroke snake perservingly.

In actual life, a lot of people fail even if did not aim at to nod, step down perservingly. And the person that succeed aimed at this to nod, hold to finally. This is nodded is the goal that he decide, the ideal of life, want to be able to aim at nod only, even if force is small, but want to hold to only, with respect to the other shore that can reach a victory certainly.

   The work is expensive have “ new ”

Everybody knows contemporary educationist Mr Wei Shusheng, he is not the person of a tall record of formal schooling, it is graduate of a junior high school only. Why can he obtain the result of person of so much arrogant? This is main he is good at profit from study, have extremely strong innovation capacity. We see a conte again: When company of food of an United States is joining exhibition, as a result of evening signing up be in by arrangement the corner with the most obscure attic, patronage person have pity on less of course. Then the boss forges an excellent plan, a lot of bronze medal are scattered in ground floor, writing “ to pick up on bronze medal come here card person, can exchange souvenir ” to 1068 rooms, the result makes the business at a draught fire rise. Apparent, the premise condition with this successful case is a boss have “ the innovation consciousness that how goes attracting client ” . And what our ordinary person lacks generally is consciousness of this kind of innovation.
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