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In professional program " fish, fishing " the rule
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The method that professional career plans and measure

Professional program is to be aimed at a general designation of a series of professional bewilderment, services that face professional development.

The profession plans to pay attention to methodology, because methodology and viewpoint of value are same,be, it is “ form and go up the “ path ” of ” , be must premise. But if do not issue the “ of ” with “ form implement ” photograph is united in wedlock, “ path ” also is become what floating in the air is theoretic.

Bring your active study ability into play, the profession that builds you ponders over a structure, carry out in crucial link guide, hold in the palm lift, it is the design of duty field net, jumping-off place that provides product and service.

The fact proves, passivity is accepted seldom bring clear action result. Rule of ” of “ fish, fishing must introduce take office course of study come in the program.

1. The first link that the profession plans is ” of fixed position of “ profession direction, remember it is the ” with the most important “ please, it is the “ mirror of your profession career and rule ” , the profession that is used at seeing you clear is idiosyncratic, directive your 5-10 year the profession is accumulated and develop.

Someone can say it has the establishment such as beacon, navigation mark enlighten and conduct action, not beyond the mark. In fact, professional direction is mental efforts of your gather together and limited natural resources, announce a crucial and idiosyncratic rate difference. Anyhow, hold sturdily idiosyncraticly to professional direction and profession, it is the assurance that succeeds to the profession from strategic height, it is the most effective assurance means.

2. Another rule is ” of evaluation of ability of “ profession core. To most egghead, it is not so indispensible. The university is normal the training of ability of the core in education of record of formal schooling, can support your basic profession completely to develop a target.

If you think so not successful or your university study is successful, or you have very tall profession to grow hope, be necessary to pass ability of “ profession core to evaluate ” to undertake force is evaluated;equal;fitter;fittest;qualified;equal to, in order to supports the professional target that you make to establish the orientation that an ability promotes and standard. Its data is business management person ability constant model.

3. Constituent environment develops the tremendous effect of the process to person profession, make the service segment that “ profession maturity evaluated ” to turn “ into the 2nd important ” .

If you do not master resource, power, do not try to transform constituent environment, because the individual does not have such power, this idea is too Utopian. Active acclimatization is a clever choice, the hand of truly other, by right of oneself effort can hold.
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