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The optimal program time of professional career
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Each person should make program of career of a profession in the journey of life, this program already began to design from read, current, professional career program of the undergraduate is a modern topic, a lot of universities were opened relevant course or it is special subject report and lecture, also acclaim wantonly on the network, for a short while the heat that professional career program became college graduate to pay close attention to most and the most fashionable topic. The classmate meets, the first word is: Did you do professional career to plan? If the answer is No, can draw regretful and supervise and urge sound.

Of course, the target program of student times is more adjacent Utopian, after this is in each period, be in of level sex make target and program, and one paragraph compares a paragraph more pull open a distance with ideal, be close to social demand and duty field more actual, because at this moment the program is in mix to reality ceaselessly feasible amend. Analyse the objective that oneself pursue and value correctly, the current situation with duty field and requirement synchronism and conform, this group is, , those who say for ” of program of “ profession career, abbreviation career plans, call professional career the design again, somebody travels professional career than be being done, and professional career design and program are the most indispensable tool —— map in the journey, the guideline that advances namely, the navigation mark of journey.

Professional career program is to be opposite the subjective condition of one individual profession career and external condition undertake determining, on the foundation of analysis, summary, have integration analysis and balance to his interest, hobby, ability, characteristic, combine times characteristic, according to oneself professional tendency, define struggling goal of its first-rate profession, make the arrangement of effective to achieve this one goal. The choice realizes the profession of this one target, and the work that makes phasing answer, groom and teach a plan, and according to certain timeline, according to long-term sex, challenge sex, clear sex, feasibility, timely sex, adaptability, durative principle, place career a major programme of lasting importance for oneself, planning future, basis advocate external condition design goes out reasonable and feasible professional career develops way.

So, when to make professional career is the program the properest?

Professional career activity gives birth to the most that accompanies us, the professional career ability that has a success realizes ideal life. Accordingly, to make your life more wonderful, the rightest program time should be high school times, because at this moment the person's individual character is formed basically already, the university entrance exam that is faced with immediately is decision lifetime occupational main factor, the university entrance exam is to prospective occupational first time locates actually, before the profession locates, undertake relevant evaluation, it is with this next according to, make professional career program, again according to major of the university entrance exam of program make choice of, this is optimal program. This plan can make lifetime profession career of the person downwind downstream, step down along this road, take a certain post, had turned round to come, with respect to meeting discovery, the professional contrail that oneself walk along is linear. Otherwise after the university entrance exam redo, one vehicle gives another the right of way is taken easily when the university entrance exam, run wrong way. Because of us the country starts in this respect summary evening, so a lot of people went to an university to just be done.
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