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What is professional career program?
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Be about to be on a society, face the industry with colorful and miscellaneous confused and position, the graduate friend of not know what to do, perhaps had entered duty field, but the duty field go-between that feels professional road goes narrower more however, whether to need to stop temporarily, ponder over oneself duty field life seriously, does for the career henceforth development make comprehensive, long-term plan? Does serious compasses equalize leave your professional career?

What is professional career program? Professional career program is the place in pointing to one of giving birth to a person is right assumes a post in succession of course anticipate and plan, include one the individual's study, be contributed to the productivity of a profession or organization and retire finally. It is OK to differ from footing cent is two kinds: Program of individual profession career and program of employee profession career are individual professional career program is not a simple idea, it and individual and located family, organization and society are put in close relationship. To the enterprise, it is a system, complex administrative project, culture of the setting of the development that involves company future because of it, origanization construction, company, groom mechanism, assessment mechanism and rising mechanism; In the meantime, as the change of environment of individual viewpoint of value, family, work environment and social environment, the profession of everybody expects to have or big or little change, accordingly it is the process of a dynamic change.

To individual for, the stand or fall that professional career plans is sure to affect whole life course. The success that we often mention and failure, the implementation that is place set target nevertheless, the target is the key that decides success or failure. Individual life aim is diversiform: The social target …… such as life quality target, professional development target, target, human to outside consequence environment interweaves each other between each factor in whole cause system influence, and professional development target is on central position in whole cause system, the implementation of this target, cause directly achievement and setback, happy suffer with unpleasant different feeling, affecting the quality of life. To program of individual profession career, on the method need notes the following essential factor:

1, affirmatory and individual ideal lives condition;

2, understanding is individual feature of each respect quality and big not changeable social reality environment, edit good position is feasible target;

3, affirmatory profession interest, good position and appropriate work atmosphere;

4, obtain line of ideal occupational feasibility certainly, make progress of short, medium, long-term profession;

5, affirmatory and current the difference between condition and short-term goal, search cut a point, begin to implement professional career program;
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