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Duty field plans: Teach you " 3 action " high post of great challenge high pay
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Record of formal schooling also has, this taken letter also was taken, can you be why does resume pitching go always doing not have echo? Experience is increasing, the thing is done more jump over conveniently, why does pay disappear all the time however go up? The job all the time cautious and conscientious, serious and responsible, how can come up against vitreous ceiling suddenly, also go up not to go again? Had wanted to find new job, but why while working hours lengthens, does people leave the value that give to cannot achieve his anticipation however? Does the competition ability that is oneself give an issue? Professional personage is mixed to all sorts of reflection of him profession problem bemused, what we had listened is too much.

The professional person of 70 % above is working 3 - 5 years of time paragraph inside occurrence competition ability is not worth a phenomenon. Be in because of them or be about to be in explore from the profession period transfer to what send exhibition period quickly level, this phase also is professional person whether the stage that decay becomes duty field elite. The great majority in them accumulated rich working experience and industry experience in this phase, but make clear a target to new platform lack of future however, lost the chance of a lot of profession appreciation between hesitation then. Professional market is at present active at condition, the possibility is very large one part person begins to face to apply for a job, find new job, raises, rising the problem that waits for each respects, in this profession analysis advisory experience teachs you high post of high pay of 3 court challenge, with as soon as possible seek develops to his.  

The first action: The “ that digs working experience sells a dot ”

What the enterprise pays close attention to is your value, whether be worth through established to enterprise of your the implementation that recruit price, this ability is business care. For the person of satisfactory to cannot be being achieved more very much pay, they are not the requirements that ability cannot obtain a business, won't pack the working experience that oneself go, dig the dot containing gold in working before adequately. Accordingly, even if has interview opportunity also won't clever reveal oneself, more Biediru won't be packed if really won't get even interview chance even. Be being packed appropriately is must, but premise is the job there is the place that contain gold really in experience, formed core competition ability, packing is competition ability reveals a core that has formed only come out.  

The 2nd action: The demand of recognize profession market

Master adequately duty field is at present dynamic, undertake scientific professional analysis and profession locate, decide professional temperament professionalism, disentomb him core competition ability, accurate him assessment the profession contains Troy, reasonable undertake the profession plans, understand the situation of target industry business, hold industry product information, know resource of product of structure of target company product adequately, the enterprise is long-term development strategy goal, business management mode and company culture. Find between individual and enterprise finally agree with a dot, find between individual and position match degree, achieve professional career finally but durative development, achieve goal of high pay perch.  
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