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Work 3 years, where does my profession develop direction to be in?
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The job 3 arrive 5 years, personage of field of a lot of duty can be faced with a profession to develop the bewilderment of directional respect normally. The reality of duty field and incomplete hackney got them to also be done not have again first the lofty ideal great ambition of experience duty field, those who replace is angst is mixed but. Want to turn row, can not wish to be made from the beginning again, continue to work, did not have confidence to development of the following profession again. Facing sea of boundless and indistinct duty, don't they know what to kind of choice should make?

Alone beautiful profession case:

What undergraduate course of big young lady learns is major of business affairs management. The university that reads as a result of place is not key college, she became administration in a small business after graduation, the management of a few certificate of responsible company and daily meeting Wu are recieved wait relatively trifling job a moment. She begins to be opposite after a year oneself working content is dissatisfactory rise, the thing that feels oneself should learn also was acquired, and also not quite the development perspective that values a company, the significance that carries family then found new job the station that one wife and children has name endowment the company becomes administrative assistant. This works is two years of many time, big young lady is in this company now or hold the position of the position of administrative assistant, professional development is without improvement. Calculate on is returned previously can one pace upgrade climbs, but climbed two years to still was not mounted now, she is right oneself more and more self-distrust, also did not have the enthusiasm previously to the job, then she chose abdication. Big young lady is static after abdication next hearts will think carefully, him discovery works every time is the business that muddleheaded ground is doing him not to like. Come 3 years, up to now doesn't she still know what kind of job she likes after all? Suit what to kind of work do after all? Blind cannot find way. The part that uses in the clerical work that the knowledge of business affairs government that when she feels she is in an university, learns has been engaged in in oneself is not large, the clerical work that is based on oneself 3 years is experienced, she feels she can pursue the job of human affairs respect again. She thinks to want a company only big, oneself have the space of development. Then big young lady has sent the resume of a lot of big companies, waited for result of a many month to have never been heard of since. After many setbacks hind, it is difficult that big young lady begins to make, the heart is full of huge defeat to feel, development of the following to oneself profession also is full of doubt. Stem from the consideration that to oneself the profession did not come to, she came alone beautiful profession is advisory.

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