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Look for accurate profession career to plan " fulcrum "
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When undertaking to oneself professional career plans, want establishment first a fulcrum, this fulcrum is: Why do I work.

In those days · lid second university did not read Bill to be entered swing all corners of the country, with him as a result distinctive ability and wisdom scores a success, indicated oneself value. The professional program fulcrum of Gates of the · that compare Er is the development of the career.

The engineer old summer of neighbour home, retreated rest to still go to suburb joint-stock factory producing more than heat all the day. Every week 5 I see he comes back to be about to persuade him: “ detection a bit, emeritus enjoy enjoy a happy life, go out to travel travel. ” and Laoxia always replies: “ works even if enjoy, do not work I can fall ill. The working fulcrum of ” Laoxia is to search joy.

Professional career plans to have the fulcrum of 3 administrative levels: Live fulcrum, development fulcrum and interest fulcrum.

If base oneself upon lives,fulcrum plans professional career, can serve as firewood fulfil main and oriented. Always wanting to will find the job with firewood taller fulfil tomorrow, one have the chance that gets high pay to be able to find new job, and often oversight oneself grows. Wait for meet professional bottleneck, firewood fulfil did not have growth space, and how much didn't skill acquire again, social status is met go from bad to worse. Nowadays this knowledge renews faster and faster period, be in for when present high pay is complacent, more want to want how to maintain high pay. So, if make professional program in order to live all the time for fulcrum, it is one kind does not view the nearsightedness action in the future now again only, what won't feel the job is happy, also won't acquire the achievement move on the career.

If base oneself upon develops fulcrum to plan professional career, can serve as with the progress of oneself oriented. Although what be engaged in the profession does not like particularly, firewood fulfil is particularly not tall also, also can have done hard. To you, the experience that gets from which and mastery of a skill or technique are most main. These results let your rise in value, help you achieve the success on prospective career. Besides the results that has materially, invigorative still the results that go up, wait like honorary, position, become the popular commodities on duty field finally. Nevertheless, this kind of profession repairs refine process to need to challenge his limit ceaselessly, lash oneself stride ahead, may bear the test of actuating pressure.

If be fulcrum of interest of base oneself upon,will plan professional career, can serve as with joy oriented. Do not care about the firewood before to propose a toast certainly how many, also do not care to be able to obtain what position and honor in the future, can find favorite profession, can enjoy working process, with respect to can devoted to the job great enthusiasm, forget tired, feel life becomes bright and colorful even. Just like appearance of neighbour old Xia Na, the job is become enjoy, become recreation, imperceptible in gave result. Liking is the premise that has done a thing, interest is successful the largest driving force.
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