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5 when professional career plans " chop "
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The profession manages advisory Zhang Huiting to think, the professional career progress of a person can divide 5 level, hold the issue that every phase may appear, plan ahead of schedule, ability lets him have the initiative counterpoise.

  The first bank: Phase of ” of “ temporary shortage

Zhang Huiting thinks, working 1-3 year it is professional career most the phase of ” of “ temporary shortage: Your both neither resembles graduate so “ is pure ” , unlike has 45 years of qualifications and record of service in that way can ” of “ take charge of a department alone, be in “ a bottle of dissatisfaction, the condition of half bottles of ramshackle ” , so at that time if you find new job apply for a job, its difficulty cans be imagined.

The main question of this phase is: “ who am I? Can I do ”“ what? The main reason with confused ” is devoid self-confidence and social experience. Zhang Huiting's advice is, this paragraph of time had better not find new job easily, contrary, if this paragraph of time you relatively “ quiet ” , you often can accumulate the obtain employment state of mind that to you “ of the first time in lifetime marchs toward the precious working skill inside working ” period of time and calm from study, a lot of person “ love to find new job the defect of ” often is from this phase “ does not stay in what nest ” begins nurturance firmly.

  The 2nd bank: “ profession shapes ” phase

Zhang Huiting says, working 3-5 after year, you can enter “ profession to shape ” phase gradually, be familiar with constituent culture gradually, understanding organizes inside information, build an abecedarian human concern net, after passing a paragraph of period, ” of your characteristic of “ profession disposition exposes came out: What is the place of your specialty, and what is your insufficient place, then you begin to enter “ profession to shape ” phase, undertake to professional direction reasonable adjust and correctional.

So, how will undertake the adjustment with reasonable “ and correctional ” ? Zhang Huiting suggests, might as well the relevant domain that works in you changes appropriately first working way, be in for instance same the different branch of a company interior undertakes relieving guard appropriately, can develop field of vision not only so, add new move, still can check give you to suit to do what type of work most after all. If discover your disposition and specialty and existing job error are too big, must make a prompt decision change his profession on the horse so, at that time must not existing job pay has hate to leave much taller, it is good that the environment has many.

   The 3rd bank: “ profession lock decides ” level

Working 5-10 year, what reach disposition characteristic to oneself actor inferior position as you is clear with each passing day take exercise with ceaseless practice, you modelled level ” to move toward “ profession to lock up calm phase by “ profession gradually ” , begin to maintain “ you are the ” of dry where group.
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