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The program of professional person develops skill of break out of an encirclemen
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   30 hind the develops break out of an encirclement plan of professional person

Say “ 30 and stand, 40 not be puzzled ” , leap in what had crossed many years old 20 to rise because of going all out in work with all one's strength quickly period, arrived more than 30, 40 years old when, should lie originally a kind of condition that advances steadily, working ability has gotten examining, have abundant energy and profitable actual strength, can be the same as boss argy-bargy for him due pay, however you however a bit is at ease do not rise, because you had doubt: Company ceaseless enlarge is allowed, new personality surpasses a batch one batch, oneself pay not only cannot get rise, still have the crisis feeling that is abandoned by the enterprise.

Let a person can't help thinking of “ cheap is quite old, still can does the meal deny ” ? How to cast off the predicament before, allow pay and age synchronism growth, make field of a lot of duty the urgent affairs of mature person. More those who make a person intractable is: “ house leakage slants meet ” of rain of the same night, duty field blind alley encounters in this moment: Feel oneself also cannot hold to again anyhow, without interest, without enthusiasm, without the future, the eddy of politics of field of duty of be involved in, it is doomsday advent simply. Below this kind of crisis, this kind vortical in, it is “ old Fu Li aing thoroghbred horse, annals ors in ” of a thousand li is “ rises one wrestle, ” of be unexpected rescued from a desperate situation? Want to have what kind of strategy, is ability “ promising Where is ” ?

  Let us walk into below a case of a few heroes unscramble one time:

Case one: Susan enters a big company to become administrative assistant, handle office work, still involve financial, market, sale, each branches are contacted. Because pay treatment is good, welfare is OK still also, enter a few years of her position of company to rise so very slow, but still bore come down. But, she discovers she is more and more cheesed gradually this kind chares the job of property, and the most important is the age bigger and bigger, pay does not have the likelihood that rise however. She is very interested in manpower resource job, but the scope that suffer from did not expand.

She indecisive on professional development road, found professional adviser to seek a help. The expert is in mature work before below the circumstance of experience and oneself ability, made long-term development target for her. After this, susan is special noticed the human affairs inside the enterprise is fluctuant, develop tendency, understanding business is departmental requirement of door invite applications for a job, choose talent level, according to the adjustment with him ceaseless intent at the same time the profession locates, make more the requirement that accords with place enterprise. Later, in the scheme with elaborate course and sufficient preparation, she applies for to turn to sectional manager duty, with one action is successful. Accomplish manpower resource assistant, she not only the crucial post pay that entered a business time, still widened the profession develops a space, kill two birds with one stone.
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