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The successful case that the profession plans
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At this late hour, many professional program division still like to take this story give an example: The Manujie of Armenia is an ordinary bagman, in his professional career, once worked for 207 companies, change the job one year on average 5 times. And this record, the Ma Nujie of ——“ of a case that has made professional career program dies whirly ladder ” .

With Ma Nujie of ” of flea of “ duty field, do not know oneself want what to do actually there are plenty of such people.

“×× company let my autograph make an appointment with at 5 o'clock afternoon, do not sign abandon, but I still want to wait for another unit, how to do? Obtain employment of ” Beijing University coachs Wang Xintao vice director of the center often faces such appealing.

“ this is a particularly real problem. ” every time, mr. Wang always is patient ground undertakes advisory man-to-manly to the student, include professional evaluation, help them know ego —— I am what kind of person after all, what kind of disposition, what kind of interest, what kind of viewpoint of value is waited a moment.

The obtain employment guidance before “ basically stays in obtain employment policy, it is everybody goes to run-of-mill appeal only basic level, go western; opportunity of the viewpoint of value with the person, profession and development are core now. ” Wang Xintao tells a reporter, these year, they face graduate vocational guidance, also the craftsmenship issue that how interview ” , “ gives a person to leave and so on of good ” of the first impression from “ , change knows ego into help student, analyse oneself after all comfortable do not suit a certain post.

Professional program and vocational guidance by the west the main component that a lot of countries regard “ as ” of policy of active labour market. Be in our country, grow as economic abidance, professional career program has been mixed from the ” of “ new idea a few years ago “ is unfamiliar topic ” , become “ popular ” and “ familiar to the ear can detailed ” rises. The profession plans offer means to also be done from simple “ do a profession to evaluate ” , “ to unscramble solution to read report ” , the phase of professional career guidance that enters system, science.

Professional program and vocational guidance, regard “ as the main component of ” of policy of active labour market, had gotten our country government sector, colleges and universities, enterprise or business unit more and more attention. In November the middle ten days of a month, forum of international of program of career of first China profession and peak of GCDF whole world are met will hold in Beijing, according to introducing, this is our country first time domain of program of career of on-the-job course of study holds global plenary meeting.
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