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Health Minister urged Hainan Province, a large share of senior personnel of hosp
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September 28 morning session of health personnel in Hainan Province, the Hainan Provincial Health Department to the scene of major Bai Zhiqin Hospital appealed to them to the hospital's senior human resources are basic hospital and city and county share. It is understood that although the structure of health personnel in Hainan further optimized, but there are still issues such as uneven distribution of health personnel.

It is understood that, since 2008, Hainan Provincial Health Department to personnel policy system for the physical, technical and managerial personnel training for the two wings, the high-end talent, grass-roots talent, management talent, focusing on promoting the overall development of medical health personnel , to take "the introduction of + training" approach to develop and train high-level personnel, full-scale build health personnel in various forms.

At present, Hainan has increased the introduction of high-level talents and education efforts to enhance education, health care units and only the top three provincial hospitals to introduce up to 505 associate professors talent. Meanwhile, Hainan has passed out of the house, "Pan Gaozhi" in the form of positive domestic and international first-class health institutions to learning, training academic leaders and professional team of technicians, three years, has sent all kinds of senior medical and health education who goes out 1639 times, 36 high-level personnel to the British virtues of Italy and other countries for further study.

In addition, the multi-pronged approach to strengthen the province's construction of rural health personnel, increase investment in township hospitals across the province to transform the business space, decoration, allot X-ray machines, ultrasound machines, dental chairs and other commonly used equipment, Start township hospital management information system, developed and implemented construction of village health plan, in accordance with the unified design new construction, renovation of 428 village clinics.

Bai Zhiqin Hainan Province Health Department, said that after years of efforts, Hainan health personnel of the structure was further optimized, health professionals have made certain achievements. However, the current health system is facing Hainan health system reform and international tourism in Hainan Island, the building is the historical task of the two, and culture has long been a strong, Support to the successful completion of health personnel is the key to both tasks.

Baizhi Qin said, and Hainan Island, construction and development of international tourism compared to the requirements, and meet the medical needs of the people than the total amount of Hainan, the relative lack of health human existence, not high overall quality, the overall level of development is not high. Such as high-end and grass-roots talent shortage, is not strong, and the scarcity of primary health technicians, technical service capabilities and commitment of the task there is a large gap, the uneven distribution of human resources, only the beds and Haikou have accounted for health workers one-third of the province.

Bai Zhiqin appeal to the major hospitals, the hospitals senior human resources are basic hospital and city and county share. "Is not allowed to own high-down, which contrary to the orientation direction of healthcare reform are high that you want to support the sharing of resources, ah, I hope we take the initiative, the president take the lead in the support of communities, cities and counties, about lectures, to do surgery out of the clinic, some patients in the primary hospital to digest. "

It is understood that the province's health human resources conference in Hainan Province recently held meeting of human resources work, based on the work of medical and health industry professionals to deploy an arrangement, the meeting also discussed the health professionals in Hainan Province Development Plan (2010 -2020), the work of the next decade to plan for health professionals.