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Liaoning: 5 years human affairs wove the job is summed up in the past
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Liaoning: 5 years job of human affairs staff was summed up in the past

(tall Glad) 16 big 5 years since, it is job of staff of Liaoning province human affairs 5 years when gain remarkable success around overall situation of center, service, it is executive talent implementation of strong province strategy is good 5 years of a bureau, it is 5 years when advance orgnaization and reform of human affairs system to obtain new breakthrough, it is team of of all kinds talent develops 5 years when expand continuously.

Enrol ability to bring wisdom the service revitalizes effect in the round apparent, talent team construction strides new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. Branch of various human affairs is built around major project, attach most importance to a dot with talent of high administrative levels, innovation policy and mechanism, made human affairs weave the job is old industry base to revitalize early or late, expand further open, strengthen construction of socialistic new rural area and “ the policy measure that belt of coastal economy of 5.1 line ” constructs a service, built the favorable environment that collects a talent, introduce year after year of amount of provincial town qualified personnel to grow, year average amplitude11% , only2007Year introduce provincial town talent3.6More than 10000 people, abroad study abroad personnel1700Technology of economy of person-time, abroad runs kind of expert2.610 thousand person-time, teach division article to defend kind of expert2100Person-time. Outstanding “ action just is brought wisdom, promote Liaoning ” subject, build platform of butt joint of project, talent, intellective, capital actively, held “ China Liaoning successfully to introduce foreign expert project to negotiate meeting and new and high technology exhibit ” and talent of “ China International to communicate congress ” , sign contract of project of collaboration of new and high technology in all211, contract total amount16.46100 million dollars. Central leader comrade returns congress of pair of communication of China International talent to make written instructions. Of a batch of abroad outstanding bring wisdom achievement gets apply extensively and be popularizinged, of domain of a batch of industry bring wisdom the major breakthrough that the project acquired crucial technology, a batch of products that own own intellectual property achieved international banner level. Project of of all kinds talent develops flourishingly, gross of talent of high administrative levels increases ceaselessly, team structure is optimized ceaselessly, integral quality rises stage by stage, effectively was propped up revitalize in the round. Carry out new century project of 1 billion talents, choose is provincial person selected
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