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Should pay attention to foster a cadre from basic level a gleam of
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Should pay attention to from basic level a gleam of fosters a cadre

In recent years, a lot of place choose of countrywide are outstanding college graduate holds the position of village cadre to the country, many places from select of Party and goverment officials cadre of young Party member hangs duty to rural basic level, hold a post, area of a few places admits by examination to outstanding village cadre officeholder, secretary of Party committee of outstanding villages and towns goes to some local choose province, city Party and goverment officials holds a post. These measure, work to strengthening basic level base, promote construction of new rural area, compose to built harmonious society to have main effect. And more far-reaching meaning depends on, its establish be in what foster a cadre in a gleam of is basic level, correct oriented, it is to strengthen team of party card cadre to build, foster those who bring up the innovation of the successor of the career of large quantities of inheritance parties to lift, be worth to be advocated energetically.

The cadre is fostered in basic level a gleam of, foster a cadre in social practice namely. “ prime minister in feudal China needs result city county, will send ” of Yu Cu five suddenly surely. In our cadre team, in including among advanced cadre, having is from basic level and the production such as country, factory a gleam of grows partly quite rise. Basic level is social epitome. Although basic level general affairs is trival, but stake stake the personal interest of a relation people; Although basic level job is subtle, but at every turn concerns everywhere of party and country big politics guiding principle. Work in basic level, need faces masses directly, face all sorts of contradiction and problem directly, each job wants to start work personally, relative strength is in person, can exercise a person very much. Young comrade lives really to basic level a period, do basic level work directly, be take exercise very well. Carry out a proof, foster the cadre that take exercise through basic level a gleam of, the ability that does masses work, ability that tackles real problem, ability that answers complex phase can get rising apparently. After they enter Party and goverment officials, making policy, when beginning the work, can more masses of basic level of press close to, press close to, press close to is actual, very the working level that is helpful for raising Party and goverment officials.

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