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Hainan high and primary health care practitioners lack of personnel
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Reporter 28 health professionals from the Hainan Provincial Working Conference was informed that the province's total current relative lack of health personnel, imbalances in the distribution, structure is irrational, the overall low quality, human resources issue has become constrained the development of Hainan, an important bottleneck in health.

Hainan Province, Yang Jun, deputy director of the Office of Health summed up the following deficiencies. First, compared with the actual needs, Hainan Province, the total relative shortage of health professionals exist, the overall quality is not high. To the number of practicing physicians per thousand population has, for example, in the province of only 1.58 persons, lower than the national average of 1.75 people.

Second, the high-end and grass roots talent shortage, is not strong. Advanced technical qualifications Hainan health personnel, compared to just 6.6%, only 1.7% of graduate education, provincial key academic leaders in the national recognition is not high. Scarcity of basic medical technicians, technical service capabilities and commitment of the task there is a large gap between the shading effect is relatively weak.

Third, the uneven distribution of human resources, regional talent with a big gap between the amount of, mostly concentrated in Haikou, Sanya, a serious shortage of qualified personnel minority areas. Number of physicians per thousand population has in Haikou highest, 3.04, Lingao County the lowest, was 0.74 people; the number of nurses per thousand, Haikou City, the highest, 3.86 people, Chengmai County the lowest, at 0.66 persons; Haikou City, has beds and medical staff accounted for one third of the province.

Fourth, the personnel structure is irrational, public health and the relative lack of supervision and law enforcement personnel. Hainan Province, a total of 1498 human disease control agency personnel, accounting for only 3.2% of the province's health workers, health oversight agencies a total of 232 persons, accounting for only 0.5% of the province's health workers.

Fifth, Hainan provincial health personnel and distribution system reform has been relatively slow, as the "Life", his office "job is stable," the distribution of the "iron rice bowl" and the phenomenon still exists, and many senior medical staff after the promotion the loss of power and progressive business technology.

Yang Jun, these data suggest that Hainan Province of quantity and quality of health personnel and the construction of the security needs of the international tourism island, and the health needs of people of the province there is a large gap, building high-quality health personnel long way to go.

It is reported that the province has been fully aware of the talents for an important role in the development of health, the day of the meeting on the future work of the healthcare industry made further arrangements for personnel deployment, discussed the "Hainan Provincial Health Human Resources Development Plan (2010-2020)" "Hainan Province," second Five-Year "Plan of Action for health personnel," and so on work the next 5-10 years to plan for health professionals.