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Undergraduate village official becomes Beijing new rural area to build new force
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Undergraduate village official becomes Beijing fresh troops of construction of new rural area

(Xia Zhongna) Beijing next year will be chosen from Beijing area this year's graduates again hire ” of official of village of 3000 undergraduates “ , the reporter understood this from bureau of Beijing human affairs recently. Since Beijing carried out ” of official of “ undergraduate village to plan 2006 oneself, in father to enter the mouth “ on the base that closes ” , the active exploration tarry, method approach that uses ” of official of good “ undergraduate village, develop them adequately to build medium action in new rural area, obtained apparent effect. Current, choose the 5600 “ undergraduate that hire early or late stability of general idea of village official ” , job active, effect is apparent, into the new force that to drive a capital new rural area builds.

Syllabus of villager make choice of, ” of “ village official takes up the post of a teacher, village appoint can offer a classroom, beijing delays the Kang Zhuang that celebrate a county to pressed down 7 villages such as Ma Ying to do ” of “ farmer school jointly since this year October, more than 1200 villager walked into classroom, this is Beijing undergraduate a reduction that the village produces effect in construction of Guan Zaixin country. To make ” of official of “ undergraduate village as soon as possible introductory start off, in recent years Beijing increases education strength. Concerned borough county Party committee brings into job of education of ” of official of “ undergraduate village this class cadre education fosters overall planning, they are paid attention to before catching good hillock, groom, hold in Party school of borough county Party committee groom class, the organization chooses the ” of official of “ undergraduate village that hire newly to learn basic level of code of policy of science and technology of political theory, economy management, agriculture, country, country to organize construction to wait for the basic knowledge of the respect, enhance the ability that begins rural work. Strengthen post to take exercise, the ” of official of “ undergraduate village that is chosen to hire, the arrangement that is a Party member holds the position of post of assistant of secretary of village Party branch, be not a Party member hold the position of a village appoint post of conference director assistant, make the task conciously, press a carring pole, let them be in charge of the main job such as fight a drought of sale of capital attraction, market, prevent or control flood, security of society, increase the capacity of complex issue of Wu of important task of danger of the misfortune that finish and processing country. Main controller and ” of official of “ undergraduate village form cadre of mechanism of each villages and towns, village the side takes two pairs, adopt the measure that the master trains an apprentice, pass experience, teach method, belt way, help them raise ability, health to grow. In the meantime, according to the professional specialty of ” of official of “ undergraduate village, adopt select to become rich the idea that knot of hotshot, brainpower supports to the side, foster them into hard do poineering work become rich model, service of science and technology talent.
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