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For innovation province construction offers talent intelligence to serve
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For innovation province construction offers talent intelligence to serve -- office of hall of undersecretary of ministry of organization of Zhejiang provincial Party committee, province human affairs grows Chen Zhong to just talk about study to carry out seventeen great mind

Henceforth a period, job of human affairs of Zhejiang province talent wants to be all to get with scientific progress view, according to Zhejiang the province does poineering work enrich the people, the strategic deploy that innovation saves by force, thorough executive talent saves the strategy by force, it is bibcock in order to start construction of team of talent of new-style, high administrative levels, with officeholder ability construction attachs most importance to a dot, it is motivation in order to push administrative system and institution reform, with accelerating talent human affairs construction of public service system gives priority to a line, to build the well-off of benefit and complete province people in the round the society offers strong talent occurrences in human life to ensure.

Strengthen achieve team of talent of new-style, high administrative levels to build, advance service government to build pace

Just should innovate in order to raise a person independently ability is core, attach most importance to a dot with talent of high administrative levels, carry out province “ new century deep ” of 151 talents project, carry out 1 billion science and technology of “ to achieve new talented person to plan ” energetically jointly with concerned branch. Advance “ Zhejiang to save talent of 10 thousand high administrative levels to introduce project ” deep, 1000 excellent talents recommend company of province of constituent executive Zhejiang project. Accelerate me to save construction of station of flow of postdoctoral scientific research, workstation and base of innovation of postdoctoral science and technology, carry out talent of “ money river to plan ” energetically, expand steadily study abroad dimensions of personnel poineering garden. Accelerate administration system reform, raise a government public service ability, advancing service government to build a respect to stride new step hard. Advance governmental function transformation actively, government of aggrandizement government society and public service function, improve governmental government efficiency, exert oneself compose builds grass-roots unit public service network, deepen administration to execute the law system reform.
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