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Approach undergraduate volunteer
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Approach undergraduate volunteer

(Li Yajie of the sky of the Song Dynasty) “ is a bit more consecratory love, results is touched, give the child in hill most love and help, in western put fly oneself ideal. Ground of full of passion tells the Shanghai girl Sun Yayan that ” already did a volunteer 5 years in Guangxi cropland this world continuously the reporter.

Come 5 years, come from the volunteer of many 60 thousand undergraduate of countrywide each district so like Sun Yayan, in western on this unfamiliar and magical land to the top of one's bent brandish asperses youth, put flying dream. A few days ago, the reporter comes to Guangxi, approach undergraduate volunteer, the record issues their touching story ……

“ note string hopes ”—— recalls the story of dream person Sun Yayan

Successive 5 years go to the countryside is raised religion, aid financially 36 poverty for a long time to be born, aid financially amount to amount to 13. More than yuan 30 thousand, with poor unripe communication these numbers are condensing 2000 Yu Feng …… a bit painstaking effort that Sun Yayan comes to 5 years and the love with a then long continous.

By the children in hill kind the Sun Yayan that calls “ ” of colourful elder sister, once was a student of institute of music of Shanghai Normal University. When attending a college, she began live frugaly to aid financially the child with a mountainous area poverty of in relief county of cropland of a few Guangxi, the constantly strive to become stronger of the difficult condition over there and children moved deeply she. After graduation, she overcomes heavy difficulty 4 years continuously, taking the “ note string that has ten students composition to hope ” carries out a team to come to Guangxi, took song sound track big hill in ……

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