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Hainan will build training base for international tourism
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October 14 journalists from the Hainan Provincial Tourism Committee was informed that the opening 14 in Tianjin, China's tourism industry, the 2010 Festival, the Hainan Provincial Tourism Commission and the China Development Institute of Tourism Talents signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly build the "China Hainan International Tourism Talent training base, "a" new form of tourism personnel R & D base. "

Under the agreement, the Hainan Provincial Tourism Committee will be entrusted to the preparation of the Chinese Academy of tourism human resources development, "international tourist island of Hainan tourism personnel and long-term development plan", forming a "human resources information database Hainan Tourism Task Force", the use of "National Tourism Human Resources Survey Technology" on the tourist island of Hainan International survey of human resources for tourism, tourism personnel to assist the implementation of Hainan Province of information, the establishment of tourism personnel information database.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Academy of tourism human resources development co-operation with the Provincial Tourism Commission to build the "China International Travel Hainan training base." Base for the development of the Chinese Academy of tourism personnel management as the basis of teaching, with the hospital's international education platform, through the World Tourism Education Network, internationally renowned tourism experts, organizations related to teacher education institutions; use of Beijing International Studies University Master of Tourism degree (MTA) project and the World Tourism Organization tourism education quality certification and other educational resources to support "China's Hainan training base for international tourism" teaching.