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Cogent fulfil masses to be in those who choose philtrum " 4 authority "
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Cogent fulfil the “ that masses is choosing philtrum 4 authority” Si Xinliang of members of standing committee of —— Zhejiang provincial Party committee, organization minister

Of the party seventeen it is very important meeting when develop crucial phase to hold in our country reform greatly, be captured to us and had used main strategy good luck period, drive party and national enterprise to continue to develop the sense with be had very important. We should be carried out in the round fulfil seventeen great mind, in organizing the work, accurate hold to union is nodded and cut a point, self-conscious around overall situation of center, service, the construction ministry of the stimulative ministry that makes organize a branch to make scientific progress, comprehensive comparatively well-off society. Current, the “ that should put forward around provincial Party committee namely does poineering work enrich the people, innovation saves ” total strategy by force, the organization that provides adamancy hard assures to support with the talent.

Constituent job must be carried out deep fulfil scientific progress to watch. Should get used to fundamental national condition to carry out fulfil scientific progress to watch. The level sex feature that holds economic society progress deeply, exert oneself transforms the incommensurate, idea idea that does not accord with scientific progress view, solve influence and the outstanding problem that restrict scientific progress, make organize each aspects of the job, include the choose and employ persons that pick a person, system to resource of design, manpower is developed and organize resource configuration to wait, more the requirement that accords with scientific progress view, the scientific development that promotes economic society in order to organize the scientific progress of working oneself, harmony develops. When wanting to comply with, acting development is carried out fulfil scientific progress to watch. Study the times develops the new task that offers to organizing the work deep, expand the demand of view according to science, because of when should situation do good organization to work, make organize the job to reflect times sex better. Want to get used to the tide that develops democracy, enlarge the democracy that organizes the work, fulfil the “ that masses is choosing a person to use philtrum 4 authority ” , enhance the diaphaneity that organizes the work, advance actively build democratically within the party. Want to get used to the tide of globalization, establish open concept, be good at learn and using the outstanding achievement of the human civilization related everything and constituent job, compose establishs mechanism of open constituent job system. Want to get used to the tide of informatization, make the best use of the circumstances, hasten benefit avoids kill, absorb adequately use resource of medium of IT, message, information, raise constituent job level hard.
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