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Long triangle talent develops unifinication " route chart " draw
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Draw of ” of route chart of “ of unifinication of development of long triangle talent with respect to

(Tan Yan) conference of job of unifinication of development of long triangle talent was held in Jiangsu Changshu recently. The long triangle talent that the conference is next year developed unifinication to depict the ” of “ route chart of a piece of clarity: Su Zhehu builds big market of resource of manpower of long triangle international with plan in all, the whole world releases long triangle information of of all kinds post, organize group of associated invite applications for a job to arrive abroad induct …… of talent of assemble high administrative levels

Long triangle area should coordinate competition ability of international of whole of area of development, promotion further, talent development unifinication is inevitable requirement. From 4 years before " unifinication of development of long triangle talent is collective and enunciative " start up to now, 3 provinces city was signed jointly early or late " the agreement that shares a mechanism about building intelligence of talent of high administrative levels " the cooperative agreement that waits for 10 systems level, built system of member unit joint meeting, accomplished the major survey task such as research of current situation of unifinication of long triangle talent and research of train of thought jointly.

Of administrative camp and system obstacle do away with, cross move of policy of area joint development come on stage, expedited the flow of the talent between long triangle area. But careful research is new give heat " 2008 year advance long triangle talent to develop unifinication job point " (the following abbreviation " working point " ) can discover, want to realize the free flow of long triangle talent truly, still need to had crossed a few cage.

Span information cage: Make talent resource “ complete edition ”
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