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5 years geological talent is short of future 70 thousand
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5 years geological person just is short of future 70 thousand

(Yang Jian) 915 ” program teachs “ of society of Chinese higher education to study a task scientificly " investigation of current situation of advanced and geological education and analysis of talent supply and demand " an investigation that announced a few days ago shows, henceforth inside 5 years, total breach of geological exploration talent is in 70 thousand above; In the meantime, geological talent appears 6 big rare be short of posture: Talent gross is rare be short of, handsome appearance of a gleam of is rare be short of, young handsome appearance is rare be short of, handsome appearance of tall record of formal schooling is rare be short of, get a soldier ability is uncommon be short of.

Investigation chose Nanjing university, China geological college (Beijing) , engineering college of technical institute of college of Chengdu grain industry, Hua Dong, Guilin have geology 9 times kind the college of professional dominant position, relevant data statistic shows, go of geological industry obtain employment occupy geology only kind the one fraction of professional graduate, among them the undergraduate students is made an appointment with 25% , the specialized subject is unripe about 60% , the Master is unripe about 20% , the doctoral student is made an appointment with 15% . According to all graduate obtain employment of unit of collate going to the ground is calculated, total breach will be 7746 people inside 5 years henceforth, and with can go to the ground when collate unit obtain employment is compared, criterion total breach will be in at least inside 5 years henceforth 77765 people above.

Investigation shows, geological whereaboutldirection presents kind of undergraduate course graduate 3 big characteristics:

It is the undergraduate students goes the proportion year after year of fieldwork decreases, case of school of ordinary undergraduate course (20% above) good at key college (5% the following) .

The 2 geological major that are each school are taken an examination of grind rate is very high, show year after year to increase a current. If Nanjing university amounted to the student enter a higher school of 80% above to take advanced courses 2003; Chinese geological university (Beijing) one's deceased father grind rate for 50% , and class of science department base is 80% above.
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