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85 hind singleton female discriminate against by obtain employment
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In the impression of people, in the parent exceeding this generation singleton that caresses next growing to rise female, no matter be,enjoy from living conditions, spirit waited for each respect to be full of superior move, but the reporter discovers from spot of a few of recently invite applications for a job however, "85 hind " urban only son female suffer cold shoulder mostly. Some construction company shows Tianjin clearly, they do not recruit a this year's graduates, 2 do not recruit the person that cannot bear hardships. A controller of invite applications for a job of some exploration academy tells a reporter, before them a lot of singletons of invite applications for a job female be sufferred from because of be overcome and leave, they should enrol a person afresh again, very troublesome. In interview, units of a lot of choose and employ persons express, "85 hind " female much has the only son " syndrome of singleton female obtain employment " , do not be willing to accept the obligation of company discipline and system, like to work according to oneself idea, also not be willing to accept criticism, provide for oneself ability is poorer also, apply for repeatedly want parent for company, they are so right " 85 hind " confidence of singleton female lack.

Unit of choose and employ persons cannot " one knife is cut "

Face this kind of view of unit of choose and employ persons, a lot of to apply for a job person express cannot agree without giving serious thought, lanzhou manage is versed in the Chen Tongxue of the university thinks, child of this generation city is not complete cannot bear hardships, using what kind of person not to depend on is oppidan or rural person, also do not depend on be born in which time, and depend on this individual can be being taken this next jobs, he feels this is a kind of discrimination. At the same time branny handleless cup of evil spirit appearance gives birth to deceive of 熂 admire Hui when the parent, they express, accompany the child to apply for a job, basically be to help the child find better job, the child restrains ability to differ the pretext that is unit of choose and employ persons. The Zhang Zhifeng's minister of market of qualified personnel of new and high technology thinks, "85 hind " children because domestic economy condition is relatively advantageous, starting point is higher than their father generation, ancestors, their eye shot is so open, the wide, ability that accepts new thing reachs intellectual range innovation consciousness is very strong. Disparate industry is having diverse demand to the talent, unit of choose and employ persons rejects the option that is not reason apparently simply.

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