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7 rounds of tests obtain Microsoft exercitation opportunity to behave exceedingl
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Still be in in many classmates when rushing about everywhere for the job, of science of computer of university of electronic science and technology and major of technology of technical institute software big 4 students Wang Xun is in Microsoft because of summer vacation time however the excellent performance when headquarters jackarooes, and formal autograph makes an appointment with Microsoft, become this company to be located in by the side of Xiyatu the virus analyst of this department of city of Er of unconscious heart benefit.

Although at present Wang Xun cannot disclose the detailed number of yearly salary, but can affirmatory is his yearly salary buys more than sufficient of car of a BMW in home. On November 4, the reporter lived in the capture in campus of university of electronic science and technology this bashful boy.

7 rounds of tests gain Microsoft exercitation opportunity

Blue sportswear, back of double shoulder bag is in after one's death, wang Xun looks very resemble " high school is unripe " . Can contact Microsoft intimately, king merit memory says: "Last year in December, a staff member of Microsoft will to our school make a speech, mention Microsoft to need to oppose the talented person of virus respect. I feel this is an opportunity at that time, after the lecture ends, I found this staff member to express the desire that is willing to go to Microsoft jackarooing immediately. " time goes slowly, forget this matter gradually in Wang Xun when, this year in March, wang Xun receives the announcement of interview of Microsoft respect telephone suddenly. Next in 3 days, come from Microsoft 7 staff members of each branches began to undertake 7 times respectively to Wang Xun " bomb type " interview. "Have a lot of problems actually I guess them to be able to quiz beforehand, then card of answer make it, take at any time beside. Keep practicing audition through seeing former voice movie before interview. " of Wang Xun clever let his savor with effort benefit, try to find out the real intention in what relapse after the test, wang Xun took the first piece when enter Microsoft eventually " entrance ticket " -- exercitation.

The biggest regret fails to compare Er · Home Gates

This year on July 24, wang Xun comes to ocean the other shore. "Just began a field trip, the company organizes international trainee to play caique to the sea, team of such mobile diplomatic corps is familiar with very quickly rise. Team of such mobile diplomatic corps is familiar with very quickly rise..

"Our working hours is very free, need not go to a company even, mail is passed to be able to complete complete work in the home. " Wang Xun says, "Any problems can be consulted to the colleague through mail, the other side also can be without reservation to dispel misgivings, the core technology that because involve,won't go to a company and withhold somewhat. " besides, microsoft still provided not low pay for the trainee. "Though he leases a building,every month should cost 600 dollars, pay the duty fee of 30 % above even, but 3 months come down, still took dot money to come home. Still took dot money to come home..

During the exercitation, wang Xun's biggest regret was to miss the opportunity that goes comparing be a guest of Er · Home Gates. Annual before the rule that Microsoft can have a trainee compare be a guest of Er · Home Gates June. Because Wang Xun just entered this company in July, because this missed this opportunity.

Superior performance trades Microsoft headquarters contract

In the exercitation of 3 months, wang Xun completed the whole process that a project goes to to be evaluated finally again to development from the design alone, obtain the affirmation of the company, borrow this to obtain the qualification that adds Microsoft headquarters. And right now, wang Xun also because of outstanding achievement, be recommended to read a graduate student by the school. Be to arrive to Microsoft works or be read grind? After Wang Xun passes brief hesitation, chose former.

The United States local time on October 12, microsoft undertook last interview to Wang Xun, interview spent many minutes 10 only. Wang Xun received the electronic contract of Microsoft that day, after agreeing next year Wang Xun's visa came down in October, begin the work formally to cadre.

Current, wang Xun has begun to plan to will be in henceforth the life of ocean the other shore: English hears ability still needs to strengthen, rise even provide for oneself ability, learn to make food of a few appearance, cannot eat Mcdonald's all the day...